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Running a women’s clothing consignment boutique is fun, but some days are a challenge. (Maybe it’s fun because it’s a challenge?) Today is one of those days! Today was supposed to be the second day...
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The Birthday Sale Origin Story

As it turns out, being born right after the beginning of the year is a really great way to routinely schedule a winter clearance sale. Nice planning, Mom!
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What's New For Designer Resale In 2022?

While the start of a New Year on the specific date of January 1st, is a rather arbitrary designation, it’s OUR arbitrary designation, so we’ll go with it. What does 2022 have in store? Not more of ...
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Wishing, Wanting & Wistfulness

What’s on your short list? Do you have a Chloe crush? A yearning for Yurman? A bit of Louis lust? Whatever you crave to feather your nest this holiday season, Here We Go Again is filling up with de...
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Gift Guarantee? At A Resale Shop?

Gift Guarantee? How can anyone guarantee a gift will be on point? Well, in all honesty, we can’t guarantee that a specific item will be ideal. But especially when you shop resale, and find a one of...
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Happy All The Days! December Events

December is a busy month every year, but this year we have so many resale shopping events planned, it's getting hard to keep it all straight! So, we thought we'd put it all down in one place for ou...
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Do You Fear Gifting Resale?

Why do we fear gifting a resale (or, horror – a USED) item? When I was young, I distinctly recall receiving a board game for Christmas that was clearly used. It was the first time my folks had giv...
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