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Meet The Style Sleuths

Our Story and Vision

We love clothes! Almost as much as we love saving money, or laughing. That's a hard call. While we adore upscale women’s consignment treasures, we're equally focused on having fun & creating an atmosphere of delight. 

Meet The Founder


Born in Indiana and raised in Nebraska (how Midwest can you get?) Chris moved to Portland in 1990 with her adored husband and cats. She lives in Southeast Portland and since relocating to the west coast, finally feels that she’s with her people. She is a mad, impetuous gardener and a complete leaf freak.HWGA is family to her and she’s made dear friends with many customers, vendors and staff members. She’s truly grateful for the warmth and good wishes she receives from customers and consignors. Chris loves used designer clothing, bringing the best to HWGA customers, and finds it a delightful challenge to reinvent her business each day. 

Meet The Manager


After having lived in six states and one other country, Am-J decided Portland was an excellent place to settle down –- for the time being! A self-proclaimed “shameless nerd,” she will talk to you about anything sci-fi or comic-related.In addition to nerding out on Firefly trivia, she loves to make fun, quirky cross stitch patterns and pieces. (Ask Chris about the shark!). Among her favorite fashion icons, Betsey Johnson is Am-J’s hero. Her cooking abilities are what she says her friends like most about her. Her favorite food is Mexican. And true confession? She’s a natural blonde!



Sierra is passionate about fashion and sustainable shopping solutions. She spent years in the resale industry before landing with us at HWGA. She even devotes much of her free time to fashion and shopping, making it her personal mission to make sure she and her friends always look their best, while still reusing and recycling as much as possible. She finds small businesses a good fit for her values and loves working in the fun environment we’ve built at HWGA. She is a master organizer, and loves keeping us ship-shape!


Andrea “Dre”

Dre has worked at HWGA in one capacity or another since 2014, to our huge delight. She thrives on laughter and creativity. If you need proof, just follow us on Instagram, where both qualities are always on display. Dre keeps us looking professional while also instilling our sense of humor into every post. She is a perfectionist with a love of fashion and maybe just a little bit addicted to shopping. Dre has one big thing in common with Chris – they both LOVE hot sauce and spicy foods!



While Melissa is the newest member to join the HWGA team, she has a long history in resale. You might even say that it's in her blood. As it happens, Melissa comes to us from omt! divine resale in Lincoln, Nebraska, aka, The Mother Shop. Literally. omt! was founded by Melissa's grandmother, and Chris's mom, Jan, in 1979. Melissa has worked there for a good part of her life, including managing their Social Media and Instagram account.
But enough of her history. Melissa loves thrifting, but her other huge passion is plants. She has over 200 houseplants which she tends and nurtures, and is quite a font of knowledge. 
Melissa is a fan of androgynous and genderless style, counting Harry Styles, Elliot Page and Kristen Stewart among her fashion icons.
Two secrets that people should know about Melissa? She has a vein on her left leg in the shape of a heart, and; she is in a serious relationship with Kinder Bueno candy bars.

Why Shop Consignment?

Because it saves the planet



Sustainable fashion for up to 75% off retail value, save big!



Closet cleanouts are the best way to give room to newer items!



Shop, Recycle, Reuse!

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