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Relâchment And Resale

Tennis has never really been my thing, but this French term came into my sphere recently in an NPR interview with writer Christopher Clarey, who's written a biography of tennis phenom Roger Federer...
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Aaaah, the Fall Consignment Shopping Season…

Aaaah, the Fall Season… When clothing lovers’ minds turn towards cashmere, hoodies, wraps, sweaters, and of course-BOOTS! We always love the changing of the seasons, and while it’s bittersweet to b...
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The Doggo Days Summer Clearance Sale

Doggo Days Summer Clearance Sale ~ Don't Miss It! August 20-22 All good things must come to an end, (although there’s a bad thing we’d like to end sooner than later, too.) and the Summer consignmen...
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The Doggos Are Coming!

If you’ve been anywhere near the store since Spring, you’ve likely heard me expound on our 30th year launch project. We are so incredibly excited to make this happen, I can hardly contain myself! S...
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The BEST Consignment Shop Employees Ever.

Employees. They’ve come to us from Help Wanted ads, from the ranks of our shoppers, from referrals from friends, or other employees. Sometimes, they’ve even been daughters of consignors and custome...
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Real Talk About Fakes

First step – let’s call fake designer merchandise what it is: Counterfeit. Just like counterfeit money, producing and selling or distributing counterfeit merchandise is a crime. In fact, it’s a hug...
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