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How to Maintain Closet Cohesion

How to Maintain Closet Cohesion

You have finally done it. You have reached your closet goals, you have pieces you love, pieces that mix and match perfectly, you have reached the balance, and you want to keep it that way. Speaking from personal experience, a disjointed closet doesn’t happen overnight, this is something that develops over time in a variety of ways. Below, we will get into 4 big types of items to watch out for that can take you away from your current closet harmony.  


I will be the first to say that I love a good hand-me-down or gift that fits my style to a t. But more often than not, this is not the case. While these items may not fill a current gap in my wardrobe, they are incredibly difficult to get rid of because of the guilt. 

How to deal with what’s already in your closet:

  • Some of the best things you can do in this scenario is to sell them if they are in good condition, swap them with a friend or relative for something that suits your needs better, or donate to a local charity shop if the other 2 options are not appropriate. 

Occasion Wear

This can be a slippery slope because we tend to not wear the same thing to every occasion. It tends to accumulate over time, and we have a hard time letting it go because it usually has a higher purchasing price. These items can easily mess with our closet because these pieces are usually so different from our normal everyday pieces. Here is what you can do to manage what you have in your closet and how to avoid some purchases in the future. 

How to deal with what’s already in your closet:

  • Keep them visually out of your closet. The reason for this is to reduce the clutter in your everyday closet. The bonus of keeping it separate from your regulars is that when the time comes to actually wear them, it feels almost new again, and you have a curated selection of options that you already know look and fit well on you.  

How to purchase smartly: 

  • If you need a new option, try renting or borrowing from a relative/friend. This is a fun way to experiment with your style without a huge investment.  
  • Buy elevated separates that can be dressed up or down and possibly can be integrated into your everyday closet. 

Random Impulse Purchases

These are the items that have nothing to do with our usual style, but we loved them at the moment, and there you go. 

How to deal with what’s already in your closet:

  • Keep them isolated and grouped together so they aren’t competing with the rest. You can reach for them when you want to channel that same energy you had when you bought them and to ensure that they actually play a part in your wardrobe. 
  • You can also organize these items right next to your go-to items. This method will help you incorporate these pieces in an organic way so that they aren’t intimidating. For example, you bought some trendy crystal flats and instead of making them the focus of an outfit, you pair them with your go-to jeans and tee. This way, you can rock that fun purchase in a way that still feels like you.    

How to purchase smartly:

  • Make sure this purchase meets 2 of your 3 words we addressed in a previous blog. Linked below if you are want a refresh:

Buying into the “classics” 

These are the items that the internet has told you are a “must-have” and that “no closet is complete without xyz”. Well, I am here to tell you to ignore those messages. Your closet is just that, yours, and it should be curated with the items that make you feel your best. 

How to deal with what’s already in your closet:

  • Give them another whirl and if you notice yourself fidgeting in it, then get rid of it! Typically, these are the perfect items to consign.

How to purchase smartly:

  • In order to avoid buying these types of items is to take inventory of what you normally wear. This can be done by looking at old pictures of yourself and finding a common theme throughout your style evolution. 
  • Doing a closet edit can help make this even clearer for you. 
  • And once again, figure out what your 3 words are to make sure you are staying true to yourself throughout this process. 

I hope these tips help you maintain your closet cohesion! Got anything to add? Drop it in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and till next time, 


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