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When to Buy an Investment Piece?

When to Buy an Investment Piece?

The term investment can be confusing, because our clothing (usually) depreciates over time, so how can fashion be an investment?   

Personally, an investment piece is something that I will spend more than usual on and something I intend to wear for many years. The best way I shop for these items is to look vintage or second-hand, first. But what if you have something very specific in mind, and it only comes from one source? Then these are a few questions to ask yourself before you “invest” in that particular item. 

Is this an essential for my closet that I can guarantee will get good use for many years? 

The best investment pieces to buy are timeless and versatile. 

Do I have a version of this item at a lower price point already? 

This question will answer two things: One, if you know you already like and wear a particular style, then it might be safe to say that you will wear the deluxe version. Two, a test ride at a small price point is a smart way to go before committing. 

Can I easily style this with my closet right now? 

You have to make sure this item fits for you, not that you will style your closet around that item.  

Is this color a good fit for my color palette? 

Make sure this color will work with your wardrobe in many ways. 

Can I keep up with the maintenance of this item? 

Be honest with yourself about the level of work you are willing to put into this item, and also take note of your lifestyle. 

Does this item truly reflect my personal style? 

Going back to your 3 words from a style exercise discussed in a previous blog, does this item follow at least 2 of the words? 

I hope these questions have helped you clarify where you should and maybe shouldn’t spend on your wardrobe. 

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