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Top Style Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

Top Style Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

Wonderful style has nothing to do with the amount of clothes you have or how trendy your closet looks. Style, I think, comes from a few simple habits that are often overlooked because of how easy they actually are to adopt. 


Tip #1: Take the time to get ready 

This may be the most obvious tip out there, and it is my number one for a reason. When I spend more time with my closet, I get more creative, leading to better, more interesting looks. If you aren’t a morning person, this can also be done the night before. The point is to put a smidge more of effort into your appearance, not necessarily for others, but for yourself. 

Tip #2: Use something you have differently

When you find yourself in a style rut, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new. An easy way to do this is to grab that scarf and turn it into a top, or turn a pair of earrings into a brooch. The possibilities are endless and can be a fun, free way to add a special element to your look.  

Tip #3: Treat your things nicely

When you treat your things well, they hold more value in your closet. Steam or iron your clothes before you put them away, fix a moth hole quickly, wash your items accordingly.  Not only will these habits help keep your items in good shape for longer, but you will be more inclined to wear something that already looks good hanging. 

Tip #4: Use your measurements instead of sizes when shopping

As we all know, sizes don’t mean much. It is more important to know your bust, hip, waist, and inseam measurements when shopping (especially online!). 

A bonus tip ~

When you are shopping, grab a size up and a size down of that item. You might like the fit of the item rather than the fit in your regular size.  

Tip #5: Take photos of yourself in your outfits 

I have found this habit to be very useful in understanding my personal style. When you take pictures of your outfits, you begin to decipher what you like and why because you have the evidence right in front of you.   

Tip #6: Determine your 3 adjectives from the 3 Word Method 

With the help from tip #5, you can better determine your 3 word style descriptors. The reason this method is so useful is that it helps you stay true to your personal style when you're contemplating a purchase, revamping your closet, going through size fluctuations, you name it. 


And that my friends are the top style tips I wish I knew sooner. What are yours? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time, 


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