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The 3 Word Method to Define Your Style

The 3 Word Method to Define Your Style

What is it? 

The 3 Word method is a styling tactic that defines your personal style in just three adjectives. The reason it is so popular is that this method is totally unique for everybody, the adjectives can be ever-changing, and it provides an immense amount of clarity in a world that shoves a new style down our throats each season.

The adjectives you choose answer three simple questions:  

One practical - What is the style of your most worn items?  

One aspirational - What kind of style do you wish to adopt? 

One emotional - How do you want your style to make you feel? How do you feel when you wear your most favorite outfits? 

 This method helps you define the style you already have and the style you want to have. By nailing down a general vibe, you can mold a style that is more tailored to you. 


How to find yours? 

Step 1: Take a look at your closet. Put your most worn items in one pile and once you are done, take a step back and look again at your most loved pieces. Analyze why your go-tos are your go-tos, find a commonality. That is one word. 

Step 2: Go to wherever you find inspiration (Pinterest, a specific store, magazines, etc.) and attach a word to that overall vibe you admire. That is the second word. 

Step 3: Put on some favorite outfits and pay attention to how they make you feel. That is your third adjective. 


Use whatever words that speak most to you. This method makes more sense with some practice. Take a look at some examples when you type in “3 Word Method” on Pinterest to help gather some inspiration. 

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