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Thoughts on Outfit Repeating

Thoughts on Outfit Repeating

Since when did it become uncool to wear the things you love on repeat? With characters on TV rarely seen in the same outfit twice, social media pressure to always be on trend with the new “it” item of the season, it is utterly exhausting to keep up. This pressure can lead to dissatisfaction with yourself, your closet, and your wallet, and now it is time to break from the mold. 

As someone who has suffered from closet fatigue, I now enjoy a smaller closet that lends itself to outfit repeating. It forces me to be more creative with my clothes and changes my relationship with shopping, which, honestly, was outta control. And I would be lying if I said I don’t fight that little voice in my head telling me, “you wore that already” or “they have already seen you in that”. But in the end, no one else seems to notice or care. 

The truth is, while I love the idea of being an outfit repeater, I tend to get bored quickly. I like clothes, I like variety, and wearing the same things, the same way, over and over again kinda bums me out, BUT I want to be a mindful shopper, so I needed to figure some things out. Below, I will share what I have learned in hopes that you too can be an outfit repeater without getting bored.  

Finding your Style Uniform

A uniform sounds restrictive, but I tell you it is not. A style uniform is less about a particular item and more about the qualities of that item. For example, in the winter, I usually wear jeans, sneakers, and a sweater (I live in Spain, mild winters). That is my uniform, my base, and then other elements around that change for variety. 

Contrast Dressing 

This concept has been around for a bit, wrong shoe theory anyone? The idea is to change one element of your outfit that is unexpected to create an interesting look. Going back to my winter uniform example, instead of reaching for my trusty jeans, why not change it out for an elegant slip skirt? The contrast of a silky skirt with a chunky sweater and sneakers makes for a fun twist. 

Elements of Style

You are dissecting what you like about a garment. This changes the way you look at your clothes from that old thing I’ve had for years to that item you like because the neckline is flattering, the material is breathable, the sleeves hit right where I want, etc., etc. You begin to see your clothes for what attributes they hold and how they can serve you. 

Pause After Purchases

In order to know what will be a successful addition to your closet, your items will need time to marinate. It’s hard to wear what you have if you keep introducing new things. This is also a practice in taking the time to appreciate what you already have and using them in new and creative ways. 

Find and Affirm your Personal Style

Oftentimes we learn things by repetition. By outfit repeating, we are learning things about ourselves that later help us in making smarter purchases. 

And, at the same time, you could be creating your signature. What a power move. Imagine Iris Apfel without her XXL round glasses?? 


And that my friends is what I have for you this time. Got anything to add? Let me know in the comment section below! 

Until next time, 


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