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$3 Sale Is Coming!

$3 Sale Is Coming!

What the heck is a $3 Sale you say? Well, my uninitiated friend, it's pretty much what it sounds like. Too good to be true you say? Let me assure you, it is not. 

Several times a year, we take items that haven't sold or been claimed and fill up our Shoe-La-La room with jam-packed racks. Every item is 3 bucks-It's true!

Even better? The proceeds all go to benefit our local charity partner, Mainspring Portland. Over the years, we've raised over $10,000.00 for local charities, $3 at a time. Mainspring is local, and the funds we raise stay in our community to help those in need.  Mainspring provides both food and clothing, as well as household items, bedding and more. It's incredible how much they do for such a small organization. We're proud to work with them.

But, back to the sale - to limit the chaos, we do separate all clothing by size on the racks, but encourage you to shop up or down a size, because sizes can vary. The $3 Sale has items in all sizes, and everything from designer clothing down to basics, even scarves and handbags. We recommend you get here early, but for the first time, we'll be adding items to the racks in the afternoon as well, in case you need to wait until your coffee fully kicks in.

We have dressing rooms, of course, but if you dress in layers to be able to try on without a fitting room, you'll be miles ahead of most people. 

Is it chaotic? Well, duh.  But this is a FUN event, not a try out for Roller Derby, greediness and aggression will not be tolerated, so play nice!

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