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The Pet Hair Battles

The Pet Hair Battles

This is my cat, Lulu. portland blog, portland fashion blog, pdx fashion blog

She is wonderful, I love her, but what I don’t love is all the cat hair left behind on my clothes. 

If you own a pet, you know what I’m talking about. Their hair gets in every corner, on every surface; I have even found one attached to an eyelash! Those pesky little hairs are hard to get rid of and they can make a nice looking outfit look ~not~ so nice. Luckily, there are some fabrics to help combat this issue.                               

Top 5 fabrics that repel pet hair best  

1) 100% Cotton

Cotton is great for pet hair if it is tightly woven. While it is easier to find a high thread count set of bed sheets, finding clothing is a tad trickier (but not impossible). A good way to test the quality of a cotton item is to hold it up to the light. Is it see-through? Can you see holes in the weave structure? These are just a few indications of overall quality.      

2) Denim

Because denim has such a tight weave, pet hair doesn’t tend to imbed itself as easily. A good pass with a lint roller should be good enough. Plus, most medium wash jeans are pretty good at hiding pet hair.   

3) Leather/Pleather

Leather naturally is a strong material, resistant to many things including pet hair. If you prefer the vegan route, it is just as repellant. Both are great options because they are easily cleanable, just wipe and you’re golden. 

4) Silk

Silk is awesome for tackling pet hair because of its smooth texture, allowing hair to slip right off. Silk blends are also a good choice if pure silk is out of the budget. But, silk is a delicate fabric. It may repel hair, but it will show any scratch marks, holes, or slobber. So, if you got a wild one, then silk may not be the best option for you. 

5) Linen

Linen is another good alternative because it typically has a tight weave and a somewhat slick surface. This is my personal favorite fabric that repels pet hair not only because it does a pretty good job at it, but it is also so dang comfy. 

While it’s impossible to prevent all hair from clinging to your clothes, it’s a small price to pay for the love of your furry friend. 


And as promised, cute pet pics...enjoy :) 

Till next time, 


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