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Spring Consignment Prep - Time To Shine!

Spring Consignment Prep - Time To Shine!

Recently I did something I dread-I cleaned my closet. I know, I know, it’s what I literally chide my consignors to do every day. I want to be one of those people who bring one new thing into their closet and remove something else. Sadly, I am not that disciplined. Like my filing, I put it off until it’s a monumental task that takes a big chunk of time to complete.

Nevertheless, it’s satisfying to get it done and look at how organized and coordinated it looks! Why is it that we put off small projects until they balloon into something bigger? Does the satisfaction cancel out the dread? As you might imagine, running a women’s consignment shop, especially one with designer labels, and upscale fashion brands, I accumulate a large collection of clothes.

So, when I purge, it’s also a large quantity. I bring some clothing in to consign, set others aside that are too well-loved, but still wearable into a pile to donate; and yet another (too large) stack for ironing and mending. So in essence, my one task has created several more for me. Maybe that’s why I procrastinate!

So, don’t be like me and delay what can be a satisfying feeling of accomplishing a big task. Spring consignment season starts in just a few short weeks – if you start now you’ll have time to sew on loose buttons, fix hems that are coming out, perhaps even do a little ironing. (in my case, it will be a LOT of ironing, given my love of linen.😉)

Believe it or not, a little prep goes a long way. Not only do fresh, crisp items appeal to us when you bring them in for consignment (resulting in our taking more of your great designer clothing) but they also appeal to shoppers and bring higher prices.

Yes, I realize I’m asking a lot. It takes time, I know, and time is a precious commodity for all of us. But, since we want to sell your items for the best price, which you want too, right? – bringing those clothing items unwrinkled and pressed if need be, will result in a higher consignor payout for you! Or, more money to shop with in-store!

We can always use handbags and shoes, they’re some of our best sellers. Our shoppers love genuine designer handbags- Louis Vuitton is at the top of the pyramid, but Gucci, Burberry, Prada and Longchamp are also well-loved by our clientele and bring top dollars. If you’re not sure if a bag is an authentic designer bag, ask us! While we are not professional authenticators who can provide you with a certificate, we are well-versed in how to spot counterfeits. And don’t worry if you don’t have top-drawer designer handbags! We also do well with Hobo Int’l, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Vince Camuto, Kenneth Cole, Kate Spade and other better brand handbags.

Check all the pockets (you’d be surprised what we find!) and give them a good dusting if they haven’t been stored in protective bags. We strongly recommend a good leather conditioner too, to soften and protect the leather and minimize any small blemishes.

If this past fall is any indication, we’re anticipating an absolute deluge of Spring consignments. Of course that means that we’ll have to be super picky in what we take so the store is full of the BEST women’s resale treasures! We want yours to be among them!

Secret confession time😏 : I often take things home to spot clean or iron them. I even do minor repairs from time to time. But – and this is a big BUT – that doesn’t mean that I want to do that every week, or with every consignment. I find minor mending satisfying, in the same way  that cleaning out my closet is satisfying. I’m making something be more useful, marketable and adding to its lifespan. I like fixing things! Seriously though, do not bring me your mending. And since my staff chew me out for doing it without charging for it, I will either have to sneak things out, or charge your account for my efforts. So, don’t make me get in trouble with my staff. They already think I’m off the deep end!

Let’s talk shoes! We love women’s consignment shoes, boots and footwear! Incidentally, so do our shoppers, but the same standard holds true: the fresher and cleaner they look, the better they’ll sell. Trainers are a great example – Nike, Adidas and other active wear shoes –in these athleisure times, ladies love them! Did you know the nylon and mesh styles are super easy to wash? Lift out the insoles to wash separately and then simply hang them up separately to dry. You can remove the laces too, if you want, but most of the time it’s unnecessary. Re-insert the insoles and they’re ready to hit the streets running again.

A few extra steps can make a big difference in the size of your consignment check, and keep our resale-loving women’s consignment shopping devotées as happy as can be and eager for their next visit!

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