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Running a women’s clothing consignment boutique is fun, but some days are a challenge. (Maybe it’s fun because it’s a challenge?) Today is one of those days! Today was supposed to be the second day of our big Birthday Sale, our biggest sale of the year, and our opportunity to give y’all some great deals on fantastic designer clothing and everyday duds for Winter – while it’s still Winter! Thursday was a busy, fun, great kick-off day, with everyone finding some wonderful resale treasures to take home.

So, today was set to be more of the same. Aaaaannnnd, the power went out due to high winds this morning. We love living in a place with lots of trees, but when they fall down in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Frustrating. A shop full of delightful, cozy warm women’s resale clothing, and no way to process transactions, not to mention no heat. Am I right?

Nevertheless, we persist, and encourage you to take advantage of that discount code we sent you in this week’s email. Of course you get our weekly emails, right? Do you love puns? Do you love to HATE puns? Either way, our email is designed to amuse as well as present the latest and greatest women’s consignment new arrival items. Sign up right now on the home page of this website. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Now that you’ve done that, you’ll have fresh content coming at you every Tuesday, and a few laughs, or perhaps just groans, to keep your week moving.

But of course you didn’t get this week’s email, so we’ll share that discount code with you now – it’s BDAY22. Use that for a 29% discount off almost our entire online store. Handbags and jewelry are not included this time, but are eligible for a smaller discount by contacting us at the shop. When our power returns, of course. Or you can email us via the Contact Us button and we can customize your discount. During our big Birthday Sale, our authentic designer consignment items are eligible for the 29% discount, up to a $100 maximum discount per item.

All of this just reinforces what we already know – Mother Nature is in charge. We can schedule a sale in January, a risky proposition any year, and some years it can fall flat.

During the course of the past two years, we’ve come to realize how powerless we are in every sense of the word.  Though microscopic, a virus has demanded changes to practically everything in our lives: shopping, travel, dining, gathering. So while in a small sense we might have known before that we were not in charge, we harbored some small delusions that held some control. Ha! Good one, right?

Letting go of that delusion can be a relief, allowing us to pivot, shift and pirouette our way into a better consciousness of the world. Perhaps we might even become more aware of how critical it is that we care for our natural environment in a more dedicated way.

Shopping resale is one way to accomplish a smaller carbon footprint by reducing the demand for new manufactured merchandise – and not just clothing! Furniture, homewares, cars, all these items can contribute. Of course there are times when it makes sense, or is necessary to buy new items. We find it encouraging that more and more, people are more frequently thinking about resale instead of new.

There have been numerous recent articles in well-established newspapers about this phenomenon.

This article from The Guardian discusses the growth of the secondhand marketplace, and switching our mindsets away from fast fashion.

Here’s one from the venerable New York Times that talks about the rise in popularity of Buy Nothing groups and the sharing economy.

And yet another from The New York Times about secondhand gift giving!

It appears that we in the secondhand economy and the resale fashion industry have struck a nerve! It’s nice to know that our message of buying resale, shopping green (and saving green!) is going more mainstream than ever before. In this regard, you are not powerless, the choices we all make, collectively can have a big impact. Once you start resale shopping, you’ll get spoiled!

So we’ll be back to doing what we do when we get our electric power back, and will welcome you back in for the rest of this weekend’s sale. If you don’t have power where you are, take a break, relax and unplug (not much of a choice there!). Or shop us online – remember that discount code: BDAY22

xoxo ~ chris

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