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How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style

As many of us, I have gone through my fair share of style phases, but now I have finally found what makes me feel most like me. Finding your personal style unlocks what makes you look and feel good by focusing on timeless pieces. Think about Parisian women for a second. They are known for their effortless, chic style and that’s mainly because they don’t follow trends. They stick to their tried and true classics and then play around with the rest. Personal style is about understanding what you like, why you like it, and developing your sense of self. Unsure of where to start? I will break down just 5 steps on how to find your style.  Let’s get into it shall we? 

Step 1

The most obvious step is to look at your own closet first.

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Take note of the items that make you feel your best. Once you have established that, take a look at all of the similarities they might share. Are they all jewel tones? Is it the fit you love? Take a mental note. 

Almost just as important, take note of the items that you don’t like and why you don’t like them.    


Step 2

Find some fashion inspiration.

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This can come from a Pinterest mood board, saved Instagram posts, whatever the source, just keep some type of record. 

Once you have gathered enough inspiration, try to draw some similarities. You will start to see why you are drawn to certain looks. 

Small tip: Love one celebrity’s style? Try to find who their stylist is and I bet you find even more inspiration.  


Step 3

Create a core wardrobe.

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Similar to a capsule wardrobe, these core pieces will be your go-to that you can rely on to either be your base when creating an outfit or for those days you are running out of the door. These pieces should be trend-free.  

For example, the item that gets the most wear out of my closet is my semi-sheer, cotton white tee. Seems extremely basic but there was a huge gap in my wardrobe without it.  

It pays off to spend a few extra bucks on these core items. They will be worn more than you think, so quality is key here. I like to shop secondhand first for these types of pieces because not only will you most likely find them, but they will be at a screaming deal.


Step 4

Forget the rules!

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Experiment! Now that you have the basics down, pull something unique into the rotation that makes you happy. You are ever changing and your closet should be, too. 

Rules are meant to be broken. Plus in the end, if it didn’t work just don’t wear it again. 


Step 5

Try to stay away from fast fashion.

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Shopping resale is the best way to find items you really love, not pieces you are influenced to wear. There are so many ways to shop resale such as: Here We Go Again, other local Portland resale shops, Depop, Poshmark, The Real Real, and the list goes on. 

All of my favorite pieces have come from secondhand shops and whenever I get a compliment I proudly say, “Thanks! I got it at a thrift shop!” 

In the end, finding your personal style should be a fun way to express yourself, a way to create a signature style, and a newfound confidence stemming from a very basic daily routine. 

Until next time friends, 


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