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How Can I Get A Coupon???

How Can I Get A Coupon???

Two of the most common questions we get about resale shopping at Here We Go Again are:

  1. Do you have any specials right now?
  2. How can I get your coupons?

There’s a long-winded answer because there are SO many ways to save when shopping our local consignment shop! I’ll detail everything below, but here’s the short answer-Stay in touch!

Sign up for our fun, pun-filled weekly emails; follow us on social media, watch our live Facebook Sales (three times a week!); get our Here We Dog-Go Again calendar which not only has monthly coupons, but secret sale days and reminders for monthly Resale Happy Hour.

Now for the long answer because you want to know how to get ALL the discounts, right? I mean, why not? Shopping resale is all about getting great deals on designer clothing, handbags and shoes, as well as great everyday wear for work, workout or play!

Email Schmemail

Our weekly email is designed to entertain and delight you - especially if you like puns. We love some good wordplay, as well as play in general. So ours is not a word-heavy tome with endless scrolling required. ALL our events, sales and ways to save are detailed in each week’s news.

You’ll find pretty pictures of our newest and best women’s consignment arrivals, with active links to our online store for easy and secure shopping, 24/7. Also included are links to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more scrolling through designer handbags, luxury cashmere sweaters and all the things if you’re in the mood. The first few paragraphs are Chris’s musings about her current mood, thoughts about the world in general, and positive messages. You can totally skip that part if it doesn’t speak to you, but many of our loyal shoppers say it boosts their spirits and they appreciate the positive tone. Even if they can’t come in to shop, they still read it every week. Some of our devoted resale shoppers even forward it to friends. We hope you’ll like it too. It’s easy to unsubscribe if our message doesn’t resonate, but as we said – if you want to whole story, this is the catalog of all our specials.

Want something brief and on the go?

Download the Resale Rewards mobile app for iPhone! (Or here for Android) Earn points with every purchase to get $$ off your next resale shopping excursion! Too good to be true? Not at all.

For every purchase dollar, you earn a point. Once you reach 200 points, you’ve earned $10 off any purchase over $25. You can use up to three of the $10 credits at one time! Sweet resale savings. The app will notify you when you have a coupon to use, and also when we have exclusive flash sales, and other specials. If you don’t have the Resale Rewards app, you’re truly missing out! You won’t receive texts, but there are notifications on the app  to keep you up to date on current ways to save even more!


Lots of pretty pictures, occasional silliness, and of course, notifications about sales, in-store events and more!

Instagram is where we feature even more of our wonderful newly arrived designer consignment treasures and hot on-trend items. Sometimes we feature contests, too! Most of our posts are also shared onto Facebook, but for stories, you’ll need to follow us on Instagram itself.

Here We Dog-Go Again Calendar

This beautiful glossy calendar features adorable pictures of the neighborhood dogs we’ve come to know and love during the pandemic. They’ve kept our spirits up and made us howl with laughter on many occasions. 

The calendar is a fund-raising effort for the Oregon Humane Society - $5 of the $15 cost for each calendar is donated directly to the OHS. If squee-worthy photos of cute dogs is not enough reason to grab up one of the calendars, we’ve sweetened the pot with an entire SHEET of coupons: 20% Off one item every month of the year. Since we’re writing this in February, you’ll still have 11 coupons to use, which will save you far more than the cost of the calendar itself. Even if you only bought one great $15 resale goodie each month, you’d still save $30! Not enough? How about Secret Sale Days each month EXCLUSIVE to calendar purchasers.

Resale Happy Hour

While we’re happy pretty much all the time – why wouldn’t we be? Here We Go Again is a not-so-serious resale fashion boutique with a love for customer service, reverence for high quality designer clothing, a lust for authentic designer luxury goods and having fun at work. Consequently it’s just about the best place to work!

To share our happiness, and pump up the fun, we host a monthly Resale Happy Hour, from 3-6pm on the third Thursday of every month. During Happy Hour, most everything in the shop is 15% off. Since Thursday is also one of our live Facebook Sale days too, that evening’s live sale is also 15% off.

Facebook Live

We have so much fun on our Facebook live sales, we should charge admission! Just kidding, but our viewers tell us we do the BEST live sales out there. They’re lively, often hilarious and completely unscripted. We’ve been known to break out in song or dance as the spirit moves us.

As we’ve said, we’re serious about resale fashions, curating only the best selection for the shop and ensuring that every designer handbag is an authentic and genuine luxury piece. Our live sales usually give a first peek at the latest arrivals even before they hit the racks in the shop. When certain conditions occur (you’ll have to watch to know more about this!) you’ll hear us blow our siren whistle, which means everyone who claims items that evening gets a 10% discount. In addition, several times each year we also go a bit crazy and have a Resale HALF-Y Hour live sale, where every item is 50% off! Those evenings are fast and furious with our viewers typing as fast as they can to score the best deals. It’s super easy to claim things right on the live stream and payment is secure and easy via Messenger. Frequently our shoppers prefer to come in to try things on before paying. No probemo, we allow a 3-day window before the items go to the next person in line.

$3 Sale

We’ve saved our craziest idea for last. Although the $3 Sale is currently on hiatus due to Covid safety restrictions, it will return! If you’ve visited our shop, you’ll know we have a separate room for shoes, that we call Shoe-La-La. For $3 Sale, we clear out the center of the room, fill it with rolling racks, and then fill those racks full of clothing. Most of the clothing is items that were unclaimed at the end of its consignment period, and we stockpile for months to have a huge assortment.

Each item is only $3, and the proceeds are donated to various not-for-profit organizations. Typically, we select a different group each time. Over the years, we’ve raised thousands of dollars for local charities. If you thought HALF-Y Hour sounded like a crazy time, brace yourself! The $3 Sale is a sale on steroids! Shoppers line up outside waiting to come in, and then the mad rush begins! Everyone has fun, gets amazing resale deals AND we raise a lot of money for strictly local small organizations where our impact makes a big difference. Charities we’ve feature in the past include: Rahab’s Sisters, Tinker Camp, Mainspring Portland, Depave, Volunteers of America and others.

So, if you want to find ways to save while resale shopping at Here We Go Again, you’re in luck! Our everyday great prices are pretty great, with discounts of 20-90% off retail pricing, but we have so many ways to save even more. Get to know us and you’ll be able to take advantage of them all!


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