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Don't Get Fooled by Fakes

Don't Get Fooled by Fakes

Are you on the hunt for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull? How about the Balenciaga City Bag? We at Here We Go Again always have a mighty collection of luxury handbags (and other goods like wallets, sunglasses, etc.) ready to go to their forever homes because that’s how long they should last if you take care of them. Investment pieces people! Below are just a few we have in the shop currently:

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this gorgeous Chanel bag is available for purchase here

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how about this sleek Givenchy number? available here.

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or maybe this Louis Vuitton is more your style? buy it here.  

While shopping at Portland's best resale shop (according to Willamette Week!) you have the peace of mind that when you buy a luxury good, it is authentic. However, this is not always the case when shopping elsewhere - especially online- you are left to your own devices. After some practice and a trained eye, you will be able to quickly spot a real from a fake. In order to help you with your search, we have compiled some general things to look out for.       

➼ Make sure to take your time

One quick lookover won’t do you any good. It takes time to inspect all the details of a bag to separate the authentic from a knock-off. Fake bags are getting better and sneakier which is making them even harder to spot. 

➼ Inspect the stitching 

Look at each and every stitch, especially the edges and corners. They should be even, straight, and perfect. Often, a counterfeit bag will have a lesser quality thread that will look too shiny or is not an exact color match.   

➼  Look at the exterior

Take a step back and look at the overall silhouette of the bag. The dimensions of the bag should be perfect, it should not look angled or crooked in any way.

➼ Give it a sniff test

 If it looks like leather, it should smell like it too. Luxury bags will always use quality materials free from any weird smells; so if it smells like chemicals, that is a hard pass.   

➼ Pay close attention to the logo 

Most brands have a reoccurring signature that is consistent throughout the bag. Know which brand you are looking for and memorize their signature, the font, the kerning (the space between letters) and make sure it is crisp and easy to read. 

 ➼ Touch the hardware

The hardware should feel solid and slightly heavy, it should never feel hollow and it should get cold to the touch.   

➼ Open up the bag 

Take a good look at the interior. The inside label should be crisp and perfectly aligned. 

Check out the interior zippers, pockets, linings, and hardware. Some linings are not completely sewn in (which means you can pull them inside out) while some are sewn down. Know which your bag should have. Another easy indication are the zippers. Many designer brands use their own branded zippers or common brands like YKK, Lampo, or Riri. Know which one the designer uses and make sure the engravings on them are crisp and clear.  

➼ Try to look for a serial number

The numbers should be in the right order. Each brand has their own code, so do some research to familiarize yourself.  

➼ The best thing you can do is to shop at a trusted retailer

At Here We Go Again we have seen our fair share of fake handbags, some betterly disguised than others. We will never (ever) sell a bag we are not 100% certain is the real deal. Not only is it a huge bummer to discover, it is also illegal to sell counterfeit goods.

 ➼ Luxury bags are made to perfection

 If you are unsure or think you see something off, it’s better to pass or take it to an authenticator. 

➼ Don't tackle your hunt alone!

We have a Wish List program set in place to help you find your most sought after items. Leave us your contact info, what you are looking for, and if it comes into the shop we will hit you up.

It is worth it to test your luck at second hand shops for luxury goods because you will never know what you will find.

Good luck on your hunt!

Till next week,


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