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Bohemian Style 101

Bohemian Style 101

The hallmarks of Bohemian style are fringed accessories, flowy maxi skirts, earth tones, slouchy handbags, and an overall relaxed appearance. According to Oxford Dictionary, Bohemian means a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts. Makes sense, right? 

The origins of Bohemian style are hard to pinpoint exactly, but the Bohemian look came heavy into the fashion world in the 1960s and 1970s. Just type “Woodstock” into Google, and you will see free flowing garments, a clash of patterns, a few naked people, and plenty of fashion inspiration. 

The great thing about this particular fashion style is that it is quite easy to incorporate into any outfit. Below are 8 elements that make up the Bohemian look:

An abundance of prints

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This style relies heavily on visual intrigue. I would say more earthy prints like flowers, and not as many stripes, polka dots, etc. But with this particular look, anything goes really, partially why this style is so popular.  

Embellished accents 

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Another reason the bohemian look is so easy to incorporate into any outfit is that it can be done through accessories. Think fringe, tassels, studs. 

Artistic elements 

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Following the Bohemian style really means freely expressing yourself through your clothing. As we all know, artists tend to march to the beat of their own drum, so it is very common to see them adopting this fashion style.  

Playing up volume

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While looking at Bohemian styles online for this blog post, one thing I noticed was the way volume was played with. For example, layering a long scarf over a top, and then belting it to create a unique look.  


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The main focus here is natural, organic textures like raffia, wood, fur, and embroidery, just to name a few. 


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What creates an interesting boho outfit is the layering. Take a simple outfit, jazz it up with a kimono, some layered necklaces, a few stacked rings, and there go, boho chic.  

Use of color 

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While there is an emphasis on earthy tones, any color can be applied. This style is very “you do you” and we love it.  

Less stark contrasts, more about a satisfying flow 

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When looking at and creating Bohemian outfits, there has to be a sense of relaxed cohesion. The eye can flow from top to bottom seamlessly, not attracting too much attention to one particular piece but more as the outfit as a whole.  

Personally, I love boho fashion and all the ways it can be styled, from super hippie, free spirit to refined, elegant, and chic. Try it out if you have not; you may surprise yourself.  


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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