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Beat the Heat *in Style*

Beat the Heat *in Style*


I probably sound like a broken record here, but fabrics are the most important element to keeping your chill, when it is quite the opposite. 

Linen, cotton, lyocell (a cotton/silk substitute), and silk are all comfortable options. Try to stay away from polyester, nylon, and acrylic, as these are made from plastic. Incredibly uncomfortable and sweaty.  

Another detail to pay attention to is the amount of airflow you will get in a garment. Look for skirts and dresses with slits. Wide leg, cropped pants will be a great option, and of course flowy or sleeveless tops.



Another important tip that I have mentioned before once, or twice, or 300 other times. Pay attention to the colors you wear because it does make a difference whether you wear white vs black. I understand if you stay away from white because it can sometimes be sheer or the stain possibility is just too high, then stick to lighter shades.    



A fun way to get more bang for your buck, is to incorporate your swim pieces into everyday outfits. I’m not saying to walk around in a bikini top, even though you may want to in this heat. Pair your bikini top with a button-up blouse, unbuttoned and tied to be a crop top, showing a little of the bikini top. Another idea is to use that bathing suit cover up. Personally, I use my pareo (also known as sarong) as a skirt or dress in the summer, even when I’m not heading to the beach or pool.

The fun thing about adding your swimwear to your normal closet rotation is that bathing suits often come in bright colors and patterns; making this an easy way to add some pizzazz to an outfit.   



What you wear underneath your clothing will be just as important. Stick to cottons and light fabrics. Don’t skip this one!   



Sandals are the obvious go-to, but sometimes not appropriate for every occasion. When you need to wear something that covers the toes, but you still want to stay comfortable, try to find something that is breathable. Perforated shoes are a good option as well as shoes that are made from cotton like espadrilles. Mesh ballet flats are having a moment right now, and for good reason. This may be a trend you should try out.    



A popular trick for celebrities trying to go incognito, but it also does help combat the heat. This is where you can get funky. Try something new like a dad hat or bucket hat. Wear some oversize or tiny sunglasses. Go wild.       



This tip comes from personal experience. I am an avid jewelry collector, but in the summer, I notice I gravitate towards softer accessories. I don’t like the sticky feeling of a chunky metal necklace heating up on my skin. So that is my advice to you, wear things that either don’t sit right on your skin, like a pendant necklace, but rather stick to thin rings, stud earrings, and soft materials like raffia and tassels.      



Now that we covered jewelry, let’s talk about other accessories. I think by now we all know the power of a good handbag. It can completely change the feel of an outfit and should not be looked over when planning your look. Incorporate something that adds flare, like a beaded detail. Or, 

spice it up with a scarf wrapped around the handle. The possibilities are endless, so get creative.    


Other bonus tips

Wear your hair up.

Get a manicure/pedicure, sounds trivial, but helps you look polished. 

Carry a fan (a popular accessory here in Spain). 

And wear sunscreen!



I think that about covers it! Have anything to add? Drop it in the comment section below. 

Till next time, 


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