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Be Travel Ready

Be Travel Ready

Summer travel season is quickly approaching, and with all the excitement of the upcoming adventures, one aspect needs to be well thought through - packing. I am notorious for waiting till the last minute, throwing everything in a suitcase, and heading out the door. Once I get to my destination, I quickly realize I am missing something. I may or may not be doing this subconsciously, so I have an excuse to shop - but throughout the years, I have learned my packing lesson. Here are a few things I have learned along the way.     


When packing your footwear, think about what types of activities you might be doing. They can take up quite a bit of space in your luggage, so you need to be smart about your choices. 

During the traveling portion of the trip, wear something comfy that can easily be slipped on and off - especially when going through TSA. 

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If you have room for 1 pair in your suitcase, I suggest a versatile pair of comfortable sandals. 

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If you have room for 2 pairs in your suitcase, lucky you! Now that you are wearing your sneakers, you have your walking sandals packed, now all that you are missing are some shoes for those special nights out. You will want to avoid those heels and go for something elegant but still comfy. I suggest something like these…

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Now that shoes are covered, let’s talk about that most stressful part of every adventure - the flight. Once your main luggage is sent off underneath the airplane, you are left with what is in your personal baggage. 

Toiletries - 

Depending on how long the flight is, different things will be necessary. I suggest bringing along a toothbrush, toothpaste, bathroom wipes, cleaning wipes, band-aids, feminine products (cause you never know), and Ibuprofen. Throw everything in a clear, zip-up toiletry bag (you can find many options on Amazon). Why clear? It just makes things easier when going through TSA. 

 Pillow Talk - 

I personally do not like the typical travel pillows. I find them to be awkward and uncomfortable. What I have found to be the best mix is to use the pillows the airline gives you, put that on my lower back for lumbar support, and bring along my own square pillow for my head. Much more comfortable and they are easy to pack as well.  

Clothing - 

Now that we have talked about toiletries and pillow preference, let’s jump into what you should be wearing. Comfort is key. Nothing restrictive, nothing too warm, and nothing fancy. Make sure your clothing is breathable, comfortable, and versatile. Here are some ideas below. 

Talk about comfy, link here

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Layering is key, try it with this! Link here

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And for some final bit of advice

Leave a little extra space in your luggage because you want to have room for the goodies you will inevitably be bringing back with you. 

Till next time, 


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