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8 Reasons to Buy Secondhand

8 Reasons to Buy Secondhand

I love resale shopping for so many reasons: it saves me money, I know I am doing good for the planet, the thrill of the hunt, and sometimes I score...BIG. 

Secondhand shopping is growing in popularity and it is easier now more than ever to shop resale.  

Below I have compiled just 8 reasons why second shopping is awesome…so let’s get to it! 

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#1 It’s a fun way to shop

Have you ever gone thrifting with zero expectations and then you happen upon something that seems too good to be true? The rush of joy that makes your eyes open a bit bigger and a smile appears so wide that you start to giggle. If so, then you know the rush I am talking about.

That piece is missing whenever I shop at a big box store. The feeling is not the same. I much prefer to walk into a Portland thrift shop and see what calls out to me, see what “sparks joy”. 


#2 Find your unique style

Instead of relying on an industry to tell you what is “in” you get to decide that for yourself. It is a chance to experiment with different styles and see what you feel most comfortable wearing. 

It is a chance to be creative in the way you express yourself. Nothing is predetermined, nothing is already forecasted for you, it is complete freedom. And that, I think, is critical in finding your own style.    


#3 It’s good for the planet

Did you now that the average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothing every year? And where do you think all that clothing ends up? It only takes a quick google search to find some shocking answers (click here). 

Shopping secondhand is good for the planet! It extends the lifecycle of a garment, keeping it out of the landfills. It keeps clothing around for longer, giving it another life instead of the alternative as seen in the link above. 


#4 It’s good for the wallet

Shopping resale saves you money! Not only can you shop for way less, but you can afford higher quality items that would usually be out of reach. 

Another perk, is that resale shopping can also mean selling which can put a few more bucks in your pocket.  


#5 Keeping your money local 

Supporting a small resale business is good for your community. It keeps your money local and a lot of the time thrift/resale/consignment shops give back to the community in a variety of ways.


#6 Discover new brands 

This is a chance to discover new brands you would have never found otherwise. Much like point #2, discovering your own style may also mean discovering new brands that you love. 

For example, while sifting through some racks at Village Merchants I found this very cool mini dress. The brand was Osei-Duro. Never heard of them before, so I looked them up and found that they are an awesome brand that uses traditional textile techniques found in Ghana. See! I would have never found such an awesome brand if I didn’t happen to walk into Village Merchants that day.  


#7 Find high quality items

Typically, if a garment can survive another life, it is usually an indication of quality. Good clothes should last longer than a season and you will begin to notice what brands pass the test. 

Before the world of fast fashion, clothing was made to last. That is a big reason why people love vintage shopping because you can immediately spot the difference in material and how it is constructed.


#8 It’s easy to shop secondhand 

It has never been easier to shop secondhand! Not only is Portland full of thrift/consignment shops, but you have so many options online as well. 

Here are a few Portland resale shops I love: Here We Go Again (duh), Artifact Creative Recycling, Village Merchants, Crossroads Trading Co., and ReRun. 

Some online sites I love: Poshmark, The Real Real, and Vestiaire Collective. 

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Once you have dipped your toe in the resale world, I promise you will quickly become an addict. What’s not to love? It’s easy, fun, thrifty, and green! 


Till next week, 


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