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Women's Consignment Closet Refresh For Spring!

Women's Consignment Closet Refresh For Spring!

Does your closet need renewing or refreshing? Perhaps a little expedition to a local women’s consignment shop will get your creative fashion juices flowing! Sometimes, it can be the perfect little resale clothing find that goes with what you already have in your closet that can spark a little rethinking of your outfit schemes. When the weather changes, and we get more sunshine, it’s not uncommon to look in our closets with a jaded eye. After all, we’ve been wearing our Winter wardrobe for almost 6 months and we’re just a bit over it!

Spring! It’s the time for renewal and optimism. In our opinion, Spring is a better time for making resolutions than the middle of Winter when everything looks grey and bleak. Renewal can take many forms: recommitment to values and pursuits, refreshing your environment, setting new goals and directions, reorganizing, re-engaging. When it comes to your wardrobe that can entail a complete redo, redirection or just a few refreshing new additions.

Have you changed sizes, haircolor, attitude? All of these changes could warrant a completely new look for your clothing collection. Whatever changes you’ve made, the terrific staff at Here We Go Again deluxe resale boutique can help you find a new direction, or make resale shopping suggestions that might not occur to you. In no way does that mean that someone will try to hard sell you on something that’s not you. Because – that’s not us!women's resale shopping bold print tunic

We are body positive, helpful and supportive of whatever women’s resale choices you want to make. However, if you want us to make suggestions, we are there for you! Particularly if your hair color has changed, either temporarily or permanently, you might be due for a color shift. We find that some women’s resale shoppers have a very clear idea of what best suits them, what colors and styles show them to their best advantage. If you’re one of them, terrific! Browse our consignment clothing racks to your heart’s content. We’ll start you a fitting room while you curate your own collection of resale style and fashion to try on. If you fall somewhat wide of that mark and want some assistance shifting your fashion gears out of neutral, our boutique ambassadors are standing by! Don’t be surprised if we suggest some things that might be at the edge of your comfort zone. There’s never any pressure, but we do want to help you break out a little bit!resale shopping near me, women's consignment shoes

A size change is another reason to get out to local resale shops, especially Here We Go Again! We carry a size range from X-Small to XX-Large, without judgement. Our goal is to help you look fabulous without regard to your size needs. Sometimes, when our size changes a little or a lot, it can be hard to decipher what will show off our best features and de-emphasize things we prefer not to draw attention to. We’re happy to help, with gentle suggestions, or a fully curated selection to try on. Give us a few guidelines about what you like (and don’t!) and we’ll be your personal shoppers for a day.portland consignment shops, women's resale clothing

And of course, in this season of renewal, sometimes we just want to change it up! When resale shopping, it can sometimes be difficult to put together an entire new wardrobe in one visit. Admittedly, we have only one item of each product, so grabbing the next size up, or selecting a different color is not an option. Nevertheless, sometimes we can find reasonable substitutes, or put you on our Wish List for something similar that may come in a day or a week later. When local consignment shopping, it’s never a bad idea to stop in periodically, once a month, twice a month, whatever suits your style. Our inventory changes literally every day, sometimes every hour! So you don’t know what you’re missing if you only visit once a year, or once a season. Think of it as a treasure hunt – we do!consignment shops near me, women's used clothing

Craving a wardrobe refresh without redoing your entire closet? Of course, we’re aware of a thing called budgeting, or living within our means. That’s one of the main reasons we run a women’s designer consignment shop! We recommend if you have a favorite piece or two that you habitually grab to wear, bring it along! A resale closet refresh sometimes means just finding new pairings and new ways to keep wearing your favorite pieces. The 80/20 rule holds true in our wardrobes as well as most of the rest of the world. We wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Does that mean you should pitch out 80% of your clothing? Of course not! We might suggest you eliminate the small percentage of things you NEVER wear, because why are they taking up space? Occasionally, the 80% of things we wear rarely are because they are more recognizable, so we don’t want to be seen in them over and over again. designer consignment, authentic luxury consignmentBut the basics? They’re the frame for the painting. As an example, I have a pair of black pants (Well, ok, I have about 5 pairs of black pants) that I wear at least once a week. They’re comfortable, flattering, easy to pair with boots, sandals or sneakers, and I can put on nearly any top in my closet and look great. Why would I ever get rid of them before they’re so worn out as to become dispreputable looking, LOL?

So grab those fave pieces that you gravitate towards and let us help you switch up the look, or find a few new pairings. Tops or bottoms, jackets or dresses. All our favorites could stand a little bit of a style bump. Changing it up helps keep your style fresh and will reignite your passion for getting dressed every day. Now that we’re out and about in our communities more, going back to actual work spaces, and meeting up with friends, dates or co-workers, it does require a bit of a dressing-up shift.Johnny Was consignment, women's upscale resale, consignment shopping

And how can we talk about a resale shopping refresh without talking about accessories? One of the advantages (and one of the many reasons we love local resale shopping!) is the savings! That holds true for accessories as well. Scarves. belts, designer consignment handbags and maybe, just maybe, our favorite accessory – JEWELRY!resale Tiffany & Co., women's designer jewelry, resale designer jewelry

While we don’t get a lot of fine jewelry, we do accept a lot of sterling silver. And this year has been a bonanza of sterling silver consignment jewelry – everything from vintage Native American and Mexican sterling silver, to contemporary designer consignment pieces by Tiffany & Co., John Hardy, David Yurman and others. Our jewelry selection has never been better! Our earring assortment is also terrific, including new styles from our wholesale providers, in addition to a highly curated assortment of consignor jewelry. We carefully pick from the incoming women’s consignments to select only the pieces we think are most appealing, and that our customers will adore. This year has provided some vintage Laurel Burch enamel earrings, hammered sterling silver hoops, small production artisan jewelry, the whole gamut. It’s so much fun to look through the jewelry selection that comes in almost every day!Native artisans jewelry, Native American jewelry, Sterling Silver jewelry, statement jewelry

Not all of the items in our women’s consignment shop are designer consignment, but many are! Regardless if your taste is more mainstream, or haute couture, we’ll work our matchmaking magic to find just what you love and your wardrobe desires for your seasonal refresh. Whatever your budget or desires we will do our utmost to meet you there and help you refresh your closet with one piece or twenty!

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