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What's New For Designer Resale In 2022?

What's New For Designer Resale In 2022?

While the start of a New Year on the specific date of January 1st, is a rather arbitrary designation, it’s OUR arbitrary designation, so we’ll go with it. What does 2022 have in store? Not more of the same is our only plea. Or maybe, just nothing worse!  

As we all realize, we cannot predict the future (present company, anyway) but it’s fun to guess at what future trends might be coming down the pike. What will the Portland resale shopping universe bring us this year? What 2022 fashion trends are rearing their pretty little heads for the Spring season? Spring is still a long way off, but it's never too soon to muse about we'll be wearing.

Here are a few of the things we’ve seen online; predictions we expect to make it to the real world; and what resale fashion trends we’re crossing our fingers for!

We admit to a bit of obsessive scrolling through major fashion mags online blogs and recaps of the Spring Runway shows. We dig seeing the designer fashion, and reading the professional fashion recaps, including their views of noticeable trends. It’s a bit of a candy binge – scrolling through one outrageous look to the next. Fashion designers must have a blast with their runway collections, it's when they get to really be their most outrageous. I saw lots of very bare looks from some fashion designer collections, while others were so layered and  covered up, it appeared the models were swallowed whole!

Our takeaways? Skirt hemlines are coming back up in bodycon style mini dresses. Wear them if you dare! The crop look is still strong in tops and sweaters. But-fear not! Layering was huge, with outrageous mixing and matching of fabrics, textures and patterns. Chaos reigns! If you choose to go to the maximum with this trend, be prepared to make a statement, don’t go halfway! Preppy, varsity and school girl influences are back, with varsity stripe, tailored shirts, polos and rugby tops. Wear them cropped and shrunken, or oversized and layered. It’s nice to have options!

Fringe is fun! We’ve been seeing a strong demand for sweaters and ponchos with fringed and tasseled edges this winter, and are quite thrilled that the trend might continue into spring. If you fear dragging it through everything and anything, take the trend to your accessories – handbags, booties and scarves. You’ve got this!

What we didn’t see anywhere? Athleisure. Could it be after two years of pandemic that we’re ready to move on? Luckily, there was still a lot of flowy and oversized looks, including midi and maxi skirts that featured a lot of volume and/or bubble hems. Sign us up for that!

Lots of gladiator sandals were in evidence from so many designer labels. Not just the multi-strap ankle-high versions, though. These were the wrap around your leg styles knee-high and tied around your upper calf. Please designers, do not foist these on us! If my experience with the one pair I owned is any indication, they are the most uncomfortable sandals ever. Sandals are meant to be breezy and easy, not something you have to adjust every five minutes because they slip down or cut off your circulation. Perhaps they’ve made a breakthrough in the architecture of the style, it’s only this that gives me hope for our poor calves.

Sheer fabrics in bold prints and mixed prints were beautiful and breezy, and we can’t wait to layer that look, although preferably not something that needs to be dry cleaned after every wearing!

Although denim was in absentia on the Spring 2022 runways, we fully expect it to continue to dominate in the real world. Skinny is out (but I love mine and will continue to wear them!) Watch for mid-rise and high-waisted to become the new norm, with some shredding still evident. It’s an easy way to bring a bit of edginess to any outfit. To update your look, go for a cropped style, or straight leg. At Here We Go Again we can help you find the jeans that will show all your best assets.

Please let us keep our oversize sweatshirts and high-low hems! They are so comfortable, and I just don’t think I can go cold turkey on my athleisure wear. Maybe if we promise to pair our quasi-workout pieces with tailored striped shirts or mini skirts to give them a varsity appeal? Knit pants are still going to be a thing, but look for a more fitted upper, and a bit more tailoring, perhaps a ponte knit. We fear the sweatpants and full leg joggers will fade away somewhat, at least for public wearing. It was nice while it lasted, am I right? While cropped length tops are still strong for the Spring, you don’t have to wear them solo. A super easy way to wear this look while not baring parts that you want hidden, is to layer. Get an oversize shirt and wear a cropped sweater or sweatshirt over it. It’s an easy and comfortable compromise!

In short, many of these trends can be assembled from items you already have in your closet. And since we reside in the PNW, we get to make our own rules. If you want to join me in skinny jeans, I bid you welcome!

And since we have entered a new calendar year, Pantone has placed their imprimatur on the color of the year – drum roll please!  Very Peri! It’s a dreamy deep periwinkle shade that can pair nicely with many palettes! We’ll be incorporating it with lime green of course, but it also will slip seamlessly into other pastels, neutrals or jewel tones. Rejoice, there is something for everyone here!

In short, 2022 will be a year of optimism, pretty shades, bright fun patterns that hark from the 70’s, but not quite so funky. Want some help interpreting these new designer trends into your closet? Here We Go Again’s staff stands ready to help with your resale shopping explorations. We love to find new ways to pair with your closet staples and help you find new looks to update your look!

Regardless of what the fashion designers roll out, you can count on Here We Go Again deluxe resale boutique for everything from genuine designer label clothing, handbags and shoes, as well as all your favorite everyday wearables from the designers you love; from Ann Taylor Loft to Lululemon, and Eileen Fisher, all the way up to Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. And our guidance is always kind and free!

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