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The Doggos Are Coming!

The Doggos Are Coming!

If you’ve been anywhere near the store since Spring, you’ve likely heard me expound on our 30th year launch project. We are so incredibly excited to make this a reality, I can hardly contain myself! So if you haven’t heard me shouting it from the rooftops, here’s our BIG IDEA – a calendar featuring all our neighborhood doggy friends. Wait – there’s more. It’s a fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society! And more still? Of course! The calendar will contain coupons for every month, exclusive special sale events just for calendar purchasers AND paws-itively squee-worthy photos of doggos. We’re calling it “Here we Dog-Go Again.” And now, we are on the cusp of having the finished product in our hot little hands. They’re expected in the week of August 10th.

Every month features a different dog, pet-centric holidays, silly holidays, HWGA events and great information about how to be a successful consignor, great resources for training your dog and getting answers from the OHS experts. We’re featuring important information about the work they do at OHS and why it’s critically important. I know I learned a lot in my research!

You’re a Women’s Clothing Consignment Boutique - Why Dogs?

Great question! In the Spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Here We Go Again was shut down for over two months. During that time I worked in the store every day by myself, quickly turning to live Facebook sales, curbside pickup and online sales, as a way to stay afloat. While I was alone, one of my bright spots was watching all the neighborhood dogs walking and playing outside. They made me smile and kept my spirits from sinking too low.

Then it all started with Leo. I developed a huge crush on Leo, a greyhound. One day, I stepped outside to call across the street to the owner that her dog was my favorite dog in the whole neighborhood. Soon, she and Leo would stop by daily to say hello. Thus began my dog obsession. Truthfully, on Leo’s part, it may be based on the treats. But for my part, it was a break in my day, a little bit of doggy love and connection during my solitary days. And, if I’m being honest, I’m addicted to petting puppy ears. They’re so velvety! I love women’s resale fashion, resale shopping and authentic designer consignment, but the doggos are a welcome diversion and make us feel more three-dimensional.

Before long there was a water bowl outside, and I was handing out treats to all the dogs that walked past. As months passed, I befriended more and more dogs – now, the dogs insist on stopping. They KNOW where the treats are! A cry goes up when a puppy friend stops by. “Leo’s here!” “Mocha’s here!” “Rue’s here!”  “Coji’s here!” Everything stops for treats. (I mean, WHO can resist this face?)

Which brought me to my big idea for our 30th year: create a calendar with photos of our neighborhood dogs, HWGA’s events, special discounts and insider deals. And so here it is- and $5 from the sale of each calendar will be donated to the Oregon Humane Society.

I’ve always liked dogs, but I’ve become a real dog lover during the past 18 months. It’s been a delightful journey. While we still can’t allow dogs inside the shop due to insurance restrictions and allergy considerations, we relish the opportunity to dash outside to dispense the treats.

Starting our 30th year is truly exciting, and after the past year, just being here feels like we’ve already won. It’s a different world and a different business now than in 1992. Nothing has brought that into crystalline focus quite like weathering the COVID-19 crisis. This past year has been a test of our agility AND ability to reinvent; pivoting to new ways of establishing community with our customers. We’re a little bit proud of what we’ve accomplished and are grateful to you for helping us get through. From what you’ve told us, we’ve each helped the other. I’ve shed many happy tears reading your comments.

The dogs may not have been critical in helping us survive this pandemic year, but they certainly helped our mental outlook and made us smile!

Here We (Dog)Go Again!


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