It all started with Leo.

I developed a huge crush on Leo, a retired greyhound who lives across the street. One day, I stepped outside to call across the street to the owner that her dog was my favorite dog in the whole neighborhood. She and I got to know each other a little and she would bring Leo over to say hello. He was so sweet and gentle and thus began our friendship, and my dog addiction.Truthfully, on Leo’s part, it may be based on the treats. But on my part, it was a break in my day, a little bit of doggy love and connection during my solitary days.

Pretty soon, I had a water bowl out front, and I was stocking treats at the shop for all the dogs that walked past. The months passed and I befriended more and more dogs. I learned their names and their human companions’ names, too. We are now a destination for the dogs. They KNOW where the treats are! (Just like all the kids remember that we have a candy bowl!)

As you’ve probably heard, during the course of the pandemic, a lot of people adopted dogs. So, there have been a increasing numbers of dogs to befriend. And puppies-so many cute puppies! We watch them being trained as they walk down the street, watch them playing in the grassy yard across the street. When they walk past, we can’t resist stepping outside (masked, of course) to say hello the new arrivals and happy owners. If I’m being honest, I’m addicted to petting puppy ears. Actually, all doggy ears. They are so soft!

Our business is still designer consignment!

We’re still stocking lots of women’s resale clothes, we still love the authentic designer labels, and we adore being Portland’s designer resale shopping destination. And we’re grateful for the support from our shoppers, local, and widespread, via our online designer resale shop.

Our taste is not as discriminating when it comes to dogs, though. All dogs are welcome, just as all shoppers are welcome. Big dogs, little dogs, young and old, purebred, mixed breed and mutts. We love them all and their distinct personalities. We especially love the shelter dogs and the ones who were rescued.

Some of the dogs are shy, others will knock us over with enthusiasm. We’re working on trust issues with one of our regulars, she’s very shy and afraid of her own shadow. But just as we’re determined to create a safe and happy Portland resale shopping experience, we’re stubbornly committed to making fast friends with the shy dogs.

The Oregon Humane Society

In December, the Oregon Humane Society approached us about participating in their 30 Days of Giving campaign to help boost small local businesses and awareness and contributions to OHS. It was a lot of fun and tied in beautifully with our newfound love of the neighborhood pets.

Which brings us to my big idea: for our 30th year initiative, why not create a calendar with photos of our neighborhood canine friends, with all of Here We Go Again’s events, special discounts and inside specials? We’ll be selling the calendars, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Oregon Humane Society.

They’ll be available for sale starting in July, but we’re already hard at work hammering out the details. We’ve gotten some great photos, and are collecting more each week. If you want your dog featured, let us know! You don’t have to live in Johns Landing near our Portland designer resale boutique, but we are taking all the photos outside the shop, so you’ll need to bring your dog to us. Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure our master photographer (Amanda-Jean) is around to get a stunning portrait.

Available For Pre-order Soon

The 16-month calendar will have monthly coupons, special sale dates, spot specials and exclusive offers just for you. Although it won’t be available until July, you can preorder now if you want to make sure you get a copy. Calendars will be $16 with $5 of the price as a donation to OHS.

A cry goes up in our Portland designer consignment shop when one of our regular puppy friends stops by. “Leo’s here!” “Mocha’s here!” “Rue’s Here!” “Monty’s here!” It’s not unusual for us to stop what we’re doing and go running to the door to dispense treats.

Starting our 30th year is going to be so exciting, and after the past year, just being here feels like we’ve already won. The dogs may not have been instrumental in helping us survive this pandemic year, but they certainly helped our mental outlook!

Here We Dog-go Again!