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Fall Designer Consignment In A Post-Pandemic Portland

Fall Designer Consignment In A Post-Pandemic Portland

In the beforetimes, women’s consignment seasonal shifts were easier to predict. We could see fashion trends on the horizon, and respond accordingly with what we accepted in for the coming season. Designer resale, like much of the clothing industry has been knocked for a loop during the pandemic. In 2020, because much of the year had already been in lockdown, we knew that what would be desirable in the fall would follow a similar trend from Spring and Summer. It was all about casual, loose-fitting and housebound wearables. Jogger pants and loose fitting sweatshirts ruled the day.

This year, with things opening up, and restrictions easing, it’s really hard to predict what the Fall trends will be! In the Portland resale scene, we expect athleisure to continue to be a strong trend, but with more luxe fabrics and detailing. Think cashmere cable knits, with fringe and appliqués. The Portland resale shop scene has its own vibe, so we won’t just parrot the runways or the New York fashion scene. At HWGA, we do predict that our love affair with embroidery will continue strongly into fall, along with tassels, fringe, asymmetrical styling and a more avant-garde look.

With high-waisted pants being such a strong force this summer, we expect more fitted pants to return with a vengeance this fall. Take your pick for tops- cropped if you dare, or tucked in for a more pulled-together outfit. Layering is a Portland tradition, and that will continue as a strong trend, with sweater vests and tunics over button downs, or loose sweaters over fitted dresses and tops. After a year and a half of being sequestered

For outerwear, Portland resale shoppers love their puffers! We are a practical breed, we Northwest resale shoppers! Alongside our practical rainwear and hooded puffers, watch for a return of trench coats, both short and long. You needn’t go full designer consignment in your choice of  trench though. It doesn’t have to be Burberry or Givenchy to give you a fabulous (yet practical) silhouette. Trench coats are great because you can button or zip them, or just tie up the belt for a quick race to the car. They’re also known for their deep pockets, good for stashing your gloves, phone and a couple essentials. Trenchcoats have the added advantage of being long enough to cover your backside and keep you drier than just a waist-length puffer. And, trust us, you can dress them up, or toss them on over your denim.

Expect denim to continue strong into the fall and winter, as usual. We’re ready for some more detailing, so shred, bleaching and unusual details will set them apart – more frayed hems and asymmetrical styling on tops, patchwork and mixed fabrics and colors.

Footwear you ask? One of our favorite topics! Even if we’re ready to go have some fun and get out in the world more, we still predict that boots will hew to the more practical side, no high or spike heels. We do expect heels to make a moderate comeback- who doesn’t want a little extra height sometimes? But we expect it to be more along the lines of chunky or wedge heels instead of the sky-high stilettos. Of course, most of us in the Portland area weren’t wearing those in the beforetimes, either! We know ankle boots will continue as a strong preference for designer consignment shoppers, but we fully expect knee-high boots to appeal as well. They do protect you from the wet, and can really help you look long and tall in a very polished way.

Sneakers are not going away for fall. We've gotten used to the comfort of our kicks, and will not relinquish them willingly. Look for color and detail in the fall sneaks, they'll look great with wide leg pants and an oversize sweatshirt.

As for handbags, we expect Portland resale shoppers to be ready for some serious designer consignment handbags. If you have the classics in your closet - Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci, and you're not using them - prep them for some resale love. Our shoppers are already showing signs of luxe lust.

2021 will not be a year for “classic” styling. We are all ready for some fun, and we want our clothes to reflect that. Go ahead – resale shopping is the best way to push your limits. It’s a great way to get an impact piece, a statement without having to spend the full retail. Be brave and add some color to your wardrobe, it can be a real confidence builder as well as an attention magnet. That’s a good first step back towards socializing and initiating small talk again. We’re all a bit out of practice!

Not sure where to start? We expected that. After more than a year of staying in with comfort as our main priority, it can be hard to segue back into resale fashion. We can help! Start with one piece you like and let us help you build outfits that you love that will take you back out into the big wide world!

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