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Aaaah, the Fall Consignment Shopping Season…

Women enjoying fall

Aaaah, the Fall Season…

When clothing lovers’ minds turn towards cashmere, hoodies, wraps, sweaters, and of course-BOOTS! We always love the changing of the seasons, and while it’s bittersweet to bid adieu to Summer, we find great consolation in our love of Autumn resale shopping. Any season is a great time for resale shopping, but the Fall, well… Fall clothing is some of the most luxurious and comfortable. Just thinking of the corduroy, suede, leather, cashmere, merino and thick sumptuous knits gets us in the mood to go consignment shopping!

It’s a common question why we shift gears to Fall so early, in mid-August. While we realize it can be a real disconnect between hot summer temperatures outside, and the A/C pumping indoors; and us loading designer consignment sweaters onto our racks. The fashion industry in general operates well ahead of the season change – many major retailers have Summer Clearance Sales in June, with Fall merchandise on the racks in July.

For women’s consignment and resale shops, and at Here We Go Again specifically, we hate to push the season that far, but must keep in mind the realities of a 2-month consignment period. By October, we are desperate for more room for coats, thick pile sweaters, sweatshirts and other women’s consignment clothing. Sandals must make way for boots. Generally speaking, Fall and Winter clothing is bulkier, heavier and takes up more space on a hanger than Summer items. To some degree it’s also a game of consignment poker. We don’t want to be looking at our racks in October and still seeing shorts and tank tops, and neither do you! Hence, we try to minimize the amount of Summer clothing we take in during August, limiting it to items we have high confidence in selling quickly.

That need for rack space is also why we have our Summer Clearance Sale in August to make room for all the pre-tagged Fall clothing bursting the walls of our back room!

This is not to say that on August 31st we strip the racks of in-stock Summer resale fashions, not hardly! We will continue to keep in stock all the items still within their 60-day consignment period, but we are eager to see them find happy new homes sooner than later to make room for the upcoming seasonal clothing. It’s a delicate balance – the weather is still warm, and resale shoppers do still want things they can wear right now, but they also have one eye on the upcoming season and are eager for the change too!

No matter how recently or long ago we last returned to school, once we hit the last weekend of August, everyone’s mind switch flips over to “Back To School” shopping. There’s always a point in the season when a resale fashionista looks over her closet and feels like she’s worn everything in it a hundred times over the summer. Some days it feels like you’ve exhausted all the combinations of tops and bottoms. We all like to have something fresh and appealing! That’s one of the reasons resale shopping is so much fun! You needn’t break the bank to buy a new look, a new outfit, or even a new wardrobe!

Whether you crave a new cardigan to replace your favorite one that finally wore out, or if you just want a pair of jeans that’s a trending style, or are in the mood for boots (who isn’t?) Portland consignment shopping is the best. Here We Go Again’s resale shop carries the gamut from high end authentic luxury goods from fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Missoni, down to everyday quality labels like Anthropologie, J Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and better department store brands. There is much to love at every level. If you have Tesla taste and a Lime Scooter budget, consignment and resale shopping is your BFF.  

There are so many ways to shop at Here We Go Again, too! Not only is our brick & mortar shop open 6 days for convenient drop in shopping, our website also features hundreds of our latest and best curated styles. Like to shop online but prefer some personal interaction? Join us every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6:15pm and Sundays at 11:15am for our live Facebook sales (on Facebook at: herewegoagainconsignment). It’s fun, fast-paced and occasionally blooper-filled. We have shoppers who watch from all over the US.  What’s more, we take requests? If you want us to show ankle boots in size 8 ½?  Message us and let us know in advance and we’ll pull an assortment for you to see on our live sale!

Maybe our consignment shop is near you, but your work schedule doesn’t allow you to get in, or you like shopping in your comfortable at-home, but not street-legal attire (we don’t judge) but our online store and our live sales put us squarely in your neighborhood no matter where you live.

Thanks for keeping it resale!

xoxo ~ hwga

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