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19 Ways To Keep Your Cool!

19 Ways To Keep Your Cool!

Coming from the Midwest, I've spent a lot of summers in triple digit heat. That doesn't mean I like it! Like many Oregonians, I don't have air conditioning at home.  But, Midwest summers did teach me a few strategies for coping (and escaping!) These may not be news to you, but I hope you pick up a new strategy or two!

  1. Go to the movies late in the afternoon. (Bonus: Matinée prices!)
  2. Learn to appreciate your basement if you have one.
  3. Keep a spray bottle of water in your fridge to spritz yourself.
  4. Take tepid, not hot showers.
  5. Open all your windows at night and use fans to draw in cool air and expel hot air. Close everything down every morning to trap as much cool in as you can.
  6. Take a cool bath. (Prosecco optional)
  7. On really hot nights, go to bed in a damp t-shirt
  8. Two words: Water Fight!
  9. Water your yard and run through the sprinkler. (Or just set up a lawn chair in the spray zone!)
  10. Set up a fan to blow over, not ON you, at night.
  11. Soak your feet in a small basin of cool water. Pour it on your garden when it warms and refill!
  12. Close all your curtains and blinds during the day to minimize solar gain.
  13. Wear a neck cooler wrap.
  14. If you must be outside, wear a hat. Even better - get it wet and leave it in the fridge for when you go out.
  15. A fan to move air even in a closed house greatly helps your comfort level.
  16. Run your wrists under cool water for a minute.
  17. Eat a popsicle!
  18. Remove the cat or dog from your lap.
  19. Come shop at Here We Go Again - the air conditioning is ON!

Keeping CoolWe hope you find these tips helpful- do stop by for some therapeutic cooling sessions at Here We Go Again-we'll keep the A/C on for you!

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