Where Can I Sell Good Women’s Purses In Portland?

Louis Vuitton women's purses
Got Women’s Purses You’re Not Using?

Look no further than Here We Go Again if you want to sell good women’s purses. We love handbags, and so do our shoppers! Whether you have haute couture Chanel handbags, Prada purses, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, or more down to earth daily use bags like Michael Kors, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Liebeskind, Will Leather or other terrific useable women’s purses in excellent condition – we want them!

All Price Ranges

All Saints women's purseOur shoppers are diverse, and so are their tastes in women’s purses. What they have in common is a desire to reuse and reduce their carbon footprint, save a little money and buy an authentic designer handbag at a good price. So, don’t worry about whether your bags will measure up. We’re happy to examine and evaluate if we think they’ll sell for us. Don’t be discouraged if we can’t take all your women’s purses. As you might imagine, we are a little picky. We have to be, our space is limited, and besides, we’re not doing you any favors by taking your purses if they won’t sell. We want you to be able to sell your good women’s purses, too! So, if there’s another spot they’ll do better, that’s just good business.

What’s hot in women’s purses these days?

Above all else – practicality. Crossbody and hands-free carrying styles top the list of high demand women’s purse requests. An adjustable strap makes a bag customizable for the buyer, and allows her to make it longer or shorter to suit her height. Coach round top satchel women's purse

Color is also a great factor in how fast a woman’s purse will sell. A  bright color  or fun pattern adds to the ‘fun factor’ of a handbag and makes it all the more desirable.

Pockets, too add appeal. Everyone has at least one device they need to carry and have quick access to in their purse. Having an easy access, but secure pocket for her cellphone will make a women’s purse the go-to bag she wants to carry every day.

Don’t forget backpacks!

If you truly want to go hands-free, a backpack is a great style of bag to carry everyday. They sell like hotcakes right now as we are deep into the new practical and comfortable COVID lifestyle.


Not everyone knows the word, but every woman knows it when she sees it. Each of us have a style or handbag designer we love. Some women prefer a slouchy and soft lambskin leather that conforms to their side when they carry it, while others like a structured bag that stands up by itself.


Coach georgie women's purse

Regardless of your style, Here We Go Again can help you find your next favorite purse (or two!)

Good women’s purses, when well cared for – properly stored when not in use, and conditioned regularly (when appropriate) to keep the leather soft and supple are keys to a long life and successful selling.

When we get women’s purses in for consignment there are a number of things we inspect for. First and foremost, is the condition of the exterior of the handbag, especially the corners and the handles. Those take the most abuse. Some handbags, like Louis Vuitton have trim that naturally deepens in color as it ages and oxidizes. That’s not necessarily a flaw, and won’t prevent a handbag from selling. What we aren’t able to take are bags that are overly worn, have stains in the lining, or have stitching that is coming undone. Some flaws are fixable, but those should be handled before Longchamp Pliage women's purseconsigning.

Shoppers love handbags!

The great thing about handbags? You don’t have to worry about it fitting if you  gain or lose weight! We love women’s purses – even vintage! Tastes are cyclical, but this year, our shoppers are really loving the vintage Coach handbags, from back when they were handcrafted in New York City of thick tanned leather. They’re incredible handbags and we’ve had an astonishing number of vintage Coach handbags in incredible condition this year.

Thinking about selling some women’s purses?

If you’re thinking about selling some of your women’s purses and aren’t sure whether to bring them in or not, call us! We can talk with you about the brands and style of handbags you have to sell. We might even encourage you to send us pictures for evaluation.

No Counterfeits Accepted

gucci vintage tote women's purseWhile women’s purses are among our top sellers, we will never accept or sell counterfeit handbags. If you received a bag as a gift, or bought it resale, we can give you a quick evaluation about whether you have an authentic designer handbag or not. We can also send images to our outside authenticator for another opinion, but please understand there is a fee for that, which we must collect up front. We’ll likely ask you a number of questions about the bag to help us determine authenticity. Counterfeit women’s purses are illegal and also are used by many nefarious and harmful organizations to fund some very bad activities.

We know you love women’s purses, but sometimes the ones you have don’t match your lifestyle anymore. Change up your purse wardrobe by consigning the women’s purses you’re not using and maybe find another treasure to take home!



Author: Chris Gauger

Chris is a self-confessed resale fashionista. A fashion recycler from an early age, she learned the consignment business from her mother, Jan Gauger, at omt divine resale in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chris moved to Portland, Oregon in 1990 and immediately felt at home, among her people. She started Here We Go Again Deluxe Resale Boutique in 1992 and has never looked back. The second location of her store opened in 1997. Chris loves pretty much everything about clothes and fashion, but she has a serious boot and shoe addiction that is fed by the two stores. It's doubtful she will ever be recovered. In addition to clothes, Chris loves mentoring young women and teaching them about what it takes to run and manage a small business. She has employed some pretty remarkable women over the years and is grateful for all they've done to help grow Here We Go Again. She is a Hoosier by birth, but was raised in Nebraska. She has two sisters who continue to run the consignment store there, and one brother who has sense enough to stay out of the way. Her husband of twenty-seven years, is a land use planner and the fix-anything-guru that Chris relies upon more often than she'd like.

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