Tidying Up – Creating Your Ideal Wardrobe (We Can Help!)

Tidying Up - how to create a great wardrobeThe past couple of weeks we’ve been exploring Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method outlined in her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Check out the first and second installments to catch up! Now that you’ve seen first hand what items you actually wear versus the items that are left untouched for months, you should have a pretty good idea what you to be looking for when you’re out shopping, and we’re here to help!

At Here We Go Again, we pride ourselves on giving honest, helpful, and uplifting feedback when our shoppers try on items. We want our shoppers to get home and be completely in love with their designer consignment purchases. We want them to feel complete and utter joy when they take out each item from their shopping bag. I’m going to share a few tips for creating a wardrobe that you will fall in love with over and over again.

Tidying Up - creating a style boardCreate a mood board. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. I’ve also been known to “screenshot” instagrams or images on my iPhone that inspire me as I roam the internet or check my newsfeeds. Having a visual representation of the things that make you get major heart eyes will help you narrow in on the things that you truly love and will reach for in your closet. Check out our Pinterest and Instagram to get your wheels turning!

Don’t put yourself in a box. You have unique, special style! So never feel like there is a definitive checklist for things you need in your wardrobe (unless that brings you joy of course!). Recently I bought a pair of black flats online because I felt like I needed them to complete my wardrobe. When I tried them on, I realized that they didn’t do anything for me. Sure, they were practical, but they didn’t excite me, and I knew that I wouldn’t actually want to wear them. The thrill of finding the perfect pair of shoes in my size that are uniquely ME is what gives me the most joy, which is why shopping consignment is most rewarding for me. Plus, you can’t beat resale prices! I mean, you can’t argue with designer shoes that are less than half the retail price.

Tidying Up - it makes getting dressed easier & more fun!Visualize your current wardrobe. Remember all that stuff you got rid of with the KonMari method? Let’s not repeat history. Look at what you have now and love, and hunt for items that will bring your wardrobe to life in new ways and complement its contents. As someone who has constant wanderlust, I like to frame my shopping in this way–Would I be able to easily pack this item up with my other favorites to take to my weekend trip to Seattle? Asking yourself questions like this also helps you determine the intent for your wardrobe. Maybe you’re a young professional, and need to find cute blouses to wear with your two favorite pencil skirts. Or maybe you’re a yoga instructor who needs loungewear that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Maybe you’re like me, and daydreaming about your imaginary trip to Scandinavia. Need help being honest with yourself? We’re here to be your shopping BFF as you consignment shop! (It’s kind of our favorite thing ever.)

Keep the magic of tidying alive. You put in the work to get your wardrobe under control, so why not give it a organizational makeover as well? I’ve been known to just stuff things into drawers… Yeah, don’t do that. Let me tell you–it’s not effective, and it makes getting ready in the morning much more frantic. Tidying goddess Marie Kondo has several solutions to use in your closet, which you can explore here.

Any questions? We’re here to help! Stop by our John’s Landing or Broadway locations to hear more tips and advice about creating your most stylish wardrobe ever!

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