The Human Society: Staff Pets!

It’s no secret that Portland loves its pets–and we’re no exception. In honor of our Oregon Humane Society Benefit event this weekend, (see the bottom for details) we’ve gathered some of the most irresistible pet pics from our awesome staff (and some pretty hilarious tidbits, too).


rosie gilligan

These two felines reside with our very own Broadway Manager Amanda-Jean. Gilligan is obsessed with paper–he literally naps with tissues and cuddles up with them! Rosie is equally into snuggling; she loves sleeping under the covers with all of her paws being held. What’s more—these two babies are from the kitten litter of our owner Chris!


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 7.59.02 PM

This fluffy little pup was given to Johns Landing Manager Mary when she was twelve years old. She named her “Baby” within three minutes of meeting her! They soon grew to love rollerblading around the neighborhood, playing in the snow and chasing each other around the house. Her best friend in the world was Mary’s dad, too. Oh, and apparently she loved cheese. A lot.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.20.41 PM

Izzy, fondly referred to as Izzy Goose and Izzy Boo, belongs to our Arizona sunshine girl Kaylie! She’ll be 8 in April, and she loves to snuggle and play fetch. Oh, and she’s obsessed with grandparents! One more note from her beloved owner: “She is the sweetest fluffy white dog that ever was.” Lastly, judging by the bow she’s wearing in the photo, it appears she might take after her accessory-loving owner.



Moving all the way from Nashville, Katie’s fabulous self joined us earlier this year. She fit right in and was clearly a pet lover, too! Rosa Lee is seven-years-old and Mister Pink is two. This photo shows Rosa Lee napping with her baby bro, who Katie makes sure to tell us “is equally good looking and loved.” We definitely agree—and can we get a clone of that sweater, please?



Meet Zoey, also known as “Zomyster.” Terra rescued her three years ago, and they’ve been partners in crime ever since (and roomies). “She’s a whole bunch of cutes and personality,” Terra says. With those sunnies and sassy handkerchief, she’s clearly taking style notes from her owner, too.



Meet Joe, or “Little Joey.” Just like Mary, our staff member Kelly named him within a few minutes of meeting him. She had just come home from kindergarten and could hear his tiny kitten meows coming from inside the house, and didn’t seem to hesitate on his name. In a sense, Joe is like Kelly’s first feline love. “I’ve never had another cat, because I always compare them to him!” In the meantime, she gladly makes housecalls to as many HWGA cats as possible. Cat sitter, anyone?



Does it get any more family-photo-fantastic? This classic dalmatian named Sadie belonged to our California girl Andrea (pictured bottom left, everybody say “Awww”). In Dre’s words: “She was smart, energetic, and the perfect fit for our mostly female family!”



Meet Ellen’s apricot toy poodle, making a cameo all the way from the east coast! The craziest fact about this fluffball? One time she had puppies under Ellen’s bed—and all but two of the litter of six stayed within the family. Ruby loves to spoon, follow Ellen around the house and pose for the camera (we’ve got the extra pics to prove it).

Dominique & Coquie

domi & coquie

Coquie (short for Coquette) is one smart cookie. She turned her big green eyes on Chris outside the kitchen door– resistance was futile. Soon after, it became apparent that she was expecting, and a month or so later, gave birth to four adorable kittens. As you read, two went home with Amanda-Jean, but Coquie the mom, and her son Dominique, stayed with Chris. She’s a sucker, but don’t let the word get out.

Please join us this weekend, March 17-20, for Egg O’Mania-a benefit for the Oregon Humane Society. Buy an egg for a $5 donation to OHS: inside every egg is a coupon for 10-25% off, an entry for a $50 Shopping Spree Drawing, and CHOCOLATE! That’s enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Author: Chris Gauger

Chris is a self-confessed resale fashionista. A fashion recycler from an early age, she learned the consignment business from her mother, Jan Gauger, at omt divine resale in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chris moved to Portland, Oregon in 1990 and immediately felt at home, among her people. She started Here We Go Again Deluxe Resale Boutique in 1992 and has never looked back. The second location of her store opened in 1997. Chris loves pretty much everything about clothes and fashion, but she has a serious boot and shoe addiction that is fed by the two stores. It's doubtful she will ever be recovered. In addition to clothes, Chris loves mentoring young women and teaching them about what it takes to run and manage a small business. She has employed some pretty remarkable women over the years and is grateful for all they've done to help grow Here We Go Again. She is a Hoosier by birth, but was raised in Nebraska. She has two sisters who continue to run the consignment store there, and one brother who has sense enough to stay out of the way. Her husband of twenty-seven years, is a land use planner and the fix-anything-guru that Chris relies upon more often than she'd like.

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