Streetwear you can wear this spring – What’s Hot?

The cold weather, heavy rainfall, and snowfall are slowly going away and with this change of weather, our priorities in terms of clothing are changing too. So, this is the right time to think about the sunnier days to come. Keep in mind that you can never start very early when it comes to fashion. Those looking for streetwear Portland options should definitely check our consignment shop and look for the things that will make them look trendy in spring 2018. Here’s our selection of the trends that are expected this spring.


Accessories, more than one of them, are a must for springtime 2018. Of course, using a handbag is one of the easiest and most convenient options for those who want to look trendy. So, try to find some stylish handbag with a sophisticated vintage appearance. Obviously, you should not sacrifice the storage space because after all, this is the basic purpose of handbags. In other words, look for a model that unites good appearance with functionality. A handbag with a few compartments where you can store all your gadgets (like your smartphone) is the perfect choice for this season.

Stripes/Solid colors

According to some fashion designers, this 2018 is the best time to go out on the streets and showcase some black or white items. As we said before, it’s the best idea to use a consignment store to get these things because when ordinary stores learn more about the latest trends they will probably increase the prices. While we are talking about the colors and combination, we should mention the black and white striped top. In this way, you can display two of the hottest trends of this season. Keep in mind that in case you’ve got a fuller frame, it is not the best idea to use stripes. On the other hand, vertical slim strips will make you look taller and of course – thinner. Black and white, very thick horizontal stripes can make you look a little bit funny. That’s why you should focus on clothes that have a few single stripes placed on top of a solid background.

Bright colors and special patterns

Spring is the period of the year when nature starts waking up. It is quite natural for special bold patterns and bright colors to be popular in spring. When it comes to specific pieces of clothing, we would recommend Bermuda shorts or short dresses. Some of you may think that Bermuda shorts are out of fashion, but you are wrong. They are back in the game. Wear them with a t-shirt with plain graphics in order to look urbaner. Don’t forget that you can also make yourself look trendier and more original by adding some chunky jewelry. The combinations are virtually endless.

Now that you know what’s hot and what’s not, it is time to do some research and purchase the clothes and accessories that suit you the best. Remember to check Here We Go Again on a regular basis.


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