Spring Fashion Unveiled

Trina Turk Dress retro print back

Who doesn’t like spring? This is the period of the year when the flower bloom and the trees are getting new green leaves. The whole nature is becoming lively and vivid and the weather is ideal. This is also the time of the year when you should get rid of those dark, warm and heavy clothes and replace them with spring wears.

What every person should know is that spring fashion is all about putting clothes that match the weather conditions. It’s irrational to wear winter clothes in spring.

Spring fashion is focused on bright colors, striking prints and many different accessories. Do you feel like you need a chance when it comes to covering your legs? Our suggestion is to try some midi dresses. That’s right – it’s time to show your beautiful legs. Look for a bright dress that will make you feel comfortable while you are wearing it. This is the ideal solution if you want to enjoy walking on the streets of Portland this spring. There is a great chance that you will “steal” a few looks from the people around you.

In early spring, when the weather is still relatively cold, using a multicolored blazer is a smart move. Even though the temperatures in Portland will start going up, the pleasant spring breeze can be a little bit cold too and you have to wear more than one layer of clothes. Check some attractive designer cardigans that you can match with your shoes and dresses.

Of course, you also have to be careful about the things you are wearing under the cardigans or blazers. Our suggestion is to wear tank tops that come with different prints suitable for the spring atmosphere. Remember that once the temperatures go up, you can get rid of the blazers and wear these top tanks. Stick to tops that are based on lightweight fabrics.

Using accessories is a trendy move this spring. Instead of using one accessory you should include a few of them. In this way, you will highlight your personality and show the world how trendy you are. Add some bracelets and necklaces to your outfit and you will notice the difference.

The list of thing that you should take into account this spring, at least when it comes to your outfit, continues with bags. The trendy handbags and purses for this season are the one that are light, colorful and functional. It is up to you to decide whether you will choose a long cross-body bag or a small purse. Focus on your real needs and your overall style when selecting a bag. Select brighter colors if you want to look younger.

Finally, get rid of the boots and use some attractive flats. Sports flats will provide a comfortable and original look.

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