Xobruno Treme upscale resale hip belt dark greenXobruno Treme upscale resale hip belt dark green

Xobruno | Tremé Hipsak | Dark Green


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Xobruno Treme upscale resale hip belt dark greenYeah, yeah, yeah. We’re from Portland, we know the jokes.  But sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason-we freely admit we sometimes deserve ours. Portland is home to a lot of hipsters and a lot of artisan businesses that cater to them. This Tremé (we don’t know why they named it that, is there a NOLA connection we don’t know about? Perhaps a bad Mardi Gras experience behind this design?) hipsak belt is true hipster-chic. Xobruno items are hand-crafted in Portland, of sturdy cowhide leather,  probably by actual hipsters, but we can’t confirm that since this piece was submitted to us for consignment. (People bring us some really cool stuff!) They call it a fanny pack, but we just can’t go there. While it looks like a twice-around wrap, the belt is actually split at one side to create the look of a double-wrap. Each pouch can slide independently on the belt so you can customize it to show off or hide whatever you want around your mid-section. There is no real front or back, the buckle can be aligned wherever you can best reach it, or you can fasten it and slide it around to where you want it to sit. It’s almost Libertarian in an upscale-resale kind of way, but we doubt very much if it’s politically affiliated. The hipsak is a dark bottle green, very attractive in a non-gender-specific way. It’s big enough for a hip flask too, just by way of reference, filled with Kombucha, of course. Once you get the hipsak belt, we’re confident you’ll want to move to Portland, too. Be sure to stop in and say hi when you get here!

Hipsters, when you get to Portland, try this on for size at our NE Broadway store!