blue print vintage inspired McGinn dressblue print vintage inspired McGinn dress

Vintage Inspired McGinn Dress | Blue | Size Small


blue print vintage inspired McGinn dress Item/Brand: McGinn vintage inspired dress

Size: Small

Color: Cornflower blue and white print

Wearing Suggestions: Ok, before we start, go re-read the Great Gatsby. Or, if you haven’t read it, you absolutely must. We’ll wait.

Ok, you back? Isn’t this just such a Daisy dress? I mean, really! McGinn must have just revisited the novel and then created this vintage inspired dress. It’s totally 20’s with the drop waist, deep v-neckline, floral print and lace trim. Even the tiny side buttons are an echo of times past. We’ll admit though, that the original dresses from this era would have had an inset into that neckline so as to not be too revealing.

Suggested activities whilst wearing this vintage inspired dress? Think simpler times and slower lifestyle. Croquet immediately comes to mind, but it would also be suitable for an ice cream social. You’ll need a straw hat. Typical of the time period would be a cloche, but if you prefer a wide brim boater or floppy sunhat, we won’t split hairs.

In the modern day, this McGinn dress could be worn to a wedding, picnic, theater in the park, graduation or any special occasion that calls for a bit of formality.

Finally, we just want to point out all the amazing small details in this lovely summer dress. Among them are godet skirt insets, lace trimmed pockets and gold chain straps. In order to show the straps more clearly, we’ve dropped them off the shoulder, but they can be worn on the shoulder as well.

Materials: Cotton

Condition: New with tags

Details: It’s hard to see in the photos, but the lace around the drop waistline has a tiny bit of gold outlining. So pretty!

Location: Get ready for gin and tonic weather in this vintage inspired McGinn dress at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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