Brown vintage Coach handbag frontBrown vintage Coach handbag front

Vintage Coach Handbag | Brown | Legacy Tote


Brown vintage Coach handbag frontItem/Brand: Vintage Coach handbag

Size: Height: 10″, Width, 8″, Depth: 3″

Color: Dark brown

Wearing Suggestions: We assure you-speaking as someone whose very first “good” handbag was what would now be considered a vintage Coach handbag-they last. And last. And last. Whereas you used to be able to send them in for refurbishing, we don’t believe that is still true. Of course, back in the day this bag was made, they were constructed by hand in New York City.

But, we’re revealing too much about our age and a bit of our crankiness. Instead, let’s take a look at this vintage Coach handbag. It’s in excellent condition, which we rarely see in a Coach bag of this age. The best thing about a vintage Coach handbag is that the leather is really thick and durable. Also, there is no fabric lining, which is what usually shows wear fastest. Even the interior pockets are leather!

Leather binding protects all the seams and handle edges. We recommend that you treat this vintage Coach handbag regularly with a good quality leather lotion in order to protect the leather from drying. We use Lexol, but Coach lotion will also work beautifully. In all likelihood, there are many other products out there, but these are the two with which we are most familiar.

This was a good fall season for vintage Coach handbags. For some reason we’ve had several in absolutely pristeen or like-new condition. That won’t probably happen again, so seize the day if you love the older Coach styles. This style is called the Legacy Tote, with double flat straps long enough to go over your shoulder.

Materials: Cowhide leather

Condition: Very good condition, especially for a vintage Coach handbag. Some minor scuffs due to use.

Details: The hardware and zipper are solid brass. If you look inside, you’ll find two leather side pockets, both of which are attached at the top and floating at the bottom. This allows you to place papers or other small flat items behind them to keep them out of the main compartment. Both interior pockets are open at the top.

Location: Saddle up and come check out this beautiful vintage Coach handbag at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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