Floral print Tory Burch flats toe to heelFloral print Tory Burch flats toe to heel

SOLD | Tory Burch Flats | Foldable Floral Print | Size 10 1/2


Floral print Tory Burch flats toe to heelItem/Brand: Tory Burch flats

Size: 10 1/2

Color: White with multi-color floral print

Wearing Suggestions: Traveling soon? Near or far, these Tory Burch flats are ideal for packing for a weekend away or a month! They fold neatly in half and take up less space than a bulky pair of socks. In addition, because of their multitude of colors, they can go with most any outfit. Did we mention that they’re comfortable too? We may love designer shoes, especially designer consignment shoes, but we love our feet too!

Tory Burch’s traditional logo toe medallion has been rendered in leather instead of metal on this pair of Tory Burch flats. Not only is it a fun variation, it’s also lighter than her typical metal medallion. The pattern is fun as well, except for the multi-color aspect, it almost reads as a toile pattern. Floral, but not girly, if you know what we mean.

Materials: Leather uppers, man-made sole.

Condition: Very good. While these Tory Burch flats have been worn outdoors, they are not worn down at the toe or heel. Likewise, the uppers are in excellent condition.

Details: Rubber soles provide a cushioned step, in addition to a cushioned insole. There is no box or dustbag with this particular pair of flats.

Location: Tread lightly on your vacation with these lovely Tory Burch flats at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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