Tory Burch Navy & Grey cardigan detachable scarf collarTory Burch Navy & Grey cardigan detachable scarf collar

Tory Burch Cardigan Navy with Grey Detachable Collar Medium


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Tory Burch Navy & Grey cardigan detachable scarf collarWe love options, don’t you? It’s so much more versatile to be able to wear a wardrobe piece in more than one way. Gives you a different look depending on your mood or the weather. Don’t fence us in, you know what I’m saying? So that’s one reason to love this women’s consignment cardigan sweater by Tory Burch.  She gets us.
The grey knit scarf collar can be worn as a shawl collar, as a wrap around scarf, or removed altogether.Theoretically, you could also wear it with your coat. We’ll write you a permission slip. Great design for multiple purpose use. The navy has a bit of tweed fleck to it just to add a bit of texture. Matching belt, again–more choices.  We might swap it out for a leather belt to match our shoes (more likely boots, given our addiction) but you can do as you like.

Wool blend is even warm enough to wear as a de facto jacket on milder days when it’s not raining.  But then, we live in Portland, so that’s not so so much an option for us!