Tiffany sunglasses TF 4066 with caseTiffany sunglasses TF 4066 with case

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Tiffany sunglasses TF 4066 with caseBrand: Tiffany & Co.

Size: 8129/3C  56-16  135 Not sure what all this means? You can read up here.  In all likelihood, you probably already know what frame size and shape is most flattering, but if you want to know why, this is a good tutorial!

Color: Blue and grey tortoiseshell look frames, grey lenses

Wearing Suggestions: Inscrutable much? Here’s your chance to look both inscrutable and glamorous at the same time! The square frame of these Tiffany sunglasses will cover your eyes quite thoroughly, allowing you to be mysterious and aloof. At least until you flash that dazzling smile and beguile everyone in your view. One thing we admire about the design house of Tiffany is that they understate their branding, and this pair of sunglasses is no exception.

At the top of the left lens, you’ll find a very small Tiffany inscription of their font logo, out of your line of sight, but enough to indicate the value and style. At both side temples of these Tiffany sunglasses are 3 interlocking golden rings. One of the rings is enameled in white with the Tiffany logo. The blue and grey colors of the frames are subtle, but more easily noticed on the arms than the lens frame. If you like Tiffany blue, you’ll love the frame color, as it’s quite similar. (Coincidence? We think not.) The dust bag has a drawstring top and is made of very soft microfiber, so it doubles as a polish cloth. While clamshell cases take up a lot of handbag real estate, they are the best way to keep your glasses from getting crushed or scratched, so we do recommend its use.

We’re particularly fond of a slightly curved frame, and Tiffany sunglasses do not disappoint. The frames have a very subtle wraparound, consequently, they’ll protect your eyes better from side glare.

Materials: Plastic frames and lenses, metal ring ornaments at side temples


Details: These Tiffany sunglasses come complete with the original clamshell hard case and a small Tiffany branded microfiber dust bag.

Location: Throw some shade with these classic Tiffany sunglasses at our Broadway location, 2438 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232.

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