Black glazed leather consignment handbag byt Schuler and Sons, frontBlack glazed leather consignment handbag byt Schuler and Sons, front

Schuler & Sons Philadelphia | Glazed Black Designer Consignment Handbag (Copy)


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Black glazed leather consignment handbag by Schuler and Sons, frontSchuler and Sons may not be a designer label you see on the arms of starlets, but it’s worth your consideration, for a great “everyday-carry-it-everywhere” handbag.  Sold through one of our favorite style outlets, Anthropologie, the quality is lovely and the glazed leather a great option for everyday use. The glazing hides and resists the minor dings and scratches that occur if you’re not a person who is fastidious about your bags. We’re not. We have a tendency to throw it on the floor of the car, or under the desk at the office. We’re sure you’re way more careful than we are with your wonderful designer handbags, but isn’t it nice to know that you don’t have to baby this bag and throw elbows to keep anyone from touching it?  Speaking of touching it, you’ll want to feel this very soft leather; it’s supple and comfortable to carry. No poke-y corners in the ribs is what we’re saying here.  Lots of room for a tablet or pad, plus all the regular gear we schlep around on a daily basis. You know what we mean, the essentials: hand lotion, three or four lipsticks, phone, calendar (if you’re old-school), wallet, business cards, etc. Plus, you can never go wrong with black! Pretty polished gold hardware with corner protectors on the upper corners and bold top-stitching really give it a great finish. We get lots of black designer handbags on consignment, but this one stood out for its lovely leather and practicality. If you need a new everyday handbag, try out this upscale resale beauty.  Save a bundle, too!

A note about the straps, they are adjustable, but only by a couple inches.