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Sanita Clogs | Teal Print Patent | Size 39


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Brand: Sanita

Size: 39

Color: Teal, green, cream and black

Wearing Suggestions: Sanita clogs provide the support you need. For your feet, we mean.

We admire and respect those people who have to be on alert and on their feet all day. You know who you are: nurses, doctors, restaurant workers, just to name a few. They know what we wish we’d known years ago- the professional style, closed-back clogs are supremely comfortable. Or perhaps we should go back further still and give a shoutout to the ancient Europeans who invented clogs. We owe them a debt.

So, to be clear, you don’t need to be on your feet all day to enjoy a great pair of Sanita clogs. They look great with jeans, skirts. dresses, leggings, or what have you. Not cocktail dresses though. We have some standards, and can’t sanction their use for after-five. We’re not insisting that you wear heels, but please, take these off, just for the evening out. Thank you.

A nice thick molded sole provides insulation and elevation. We don’t recommend these Sanita clogs for puddle-jumping, that’s what rainboots are for, but you will rise a bit above the wet pavement for a modicum of protection. The seamless fronts also keep your tootsies dry.

You might have gathered that we’re not particularly girly-girls at Here We Go Again. We have our days, but in general our tastes run a smidge more sophisticated. Yet another reason that we love these Sanita clogs? They mesh with our “no flowers” sensibilities. They are a floral print, but they’re not “flowery.” You know what we mean. these Sanita clogs allow us to be true to our style, and still wear (abstracted) florals.

Materials: Patent leather uppers, man-made soles

Condition: New, no box.

Details: Black piping outlines the shoe opening and adds a bit of definition to their shape.

Location: Find these cute teal Sanita clogs at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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