Prada Boots | 2-Part Graphite Lace Up | Size 38 | NWT

Graphite Prada boots two-part front & sideGraphite Prada boots two-part front & side

Prada Boots | 2-Part Graphite Lace Up | Size 38 | NWT

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Graphite Prada boots two-part front & side Brand: Prada

Size: 38

Color: Graphite (silver-grey)

Wearing Suggestions: If you don’t turn heads wearing these Prada boots, then you must be in a dark room. Mind-blowing is a term that comes to mind. First of all, there’s the color, a dark graphite metallic shade of grey. Secondly, there’s the leather- nappa stretch that hugs your ankle and leg. And let’s just touch on a few of the design details, shall we? Prada boots that function two ways – ankle boots with a killer sculpted heel, and removable lace-up gaiters so you can wear them as ankle boots or knee boots. Technically, we suppose they’re not actually gaiters, which are a more functional boot cover. But we can’t really call them spats either since they come clear up to the knee! We seriously need a new word for whatever these are.

We’re positively agog over these boots. We love the slim calf design which will show off the curve of your legs, and the boho influence of the lace-up front without the work of having to actually lace them up every time! Since we’re big fans of anything Art Deco, the sculpted heel entrances us. The shape is Erté-influenced and sexy as all get-out.

Because these boots are brand new and have never been worn, the soles are a glossy reflective black, which allows the bright gold logo plate on the sole to really jump out at you. We know you’ll adore these boots and their dual functionality, however, when it comes to Prada boots like this, functionality is not what it’s about. These are as close to sculpture for your feet as we’ve ever seen. Like we said, get ready to swoon, and to make those around you swoon too!

Materials: Nappa stretch leather upper, leather soles

Condition: New with tags, box and authenticity materials, never worn.

Details: Swoon-worthy graphite Prada boots feature a mock lace-up front which is functional to adjust for a customized fit. The primary access is through zippers on both upper and lower boot at the inside edge of the boots. The ankle boot zipper is full-length and goes completely down to the instep for ease getting them on and off.

Location: If you love Prada boots, even if this pair is not your size, you’ll want to see these just for their beauty! Now available at our Broadway location, 2438 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232.

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