Navy suede Prada ankle bootsNavy suede Prada ankle boots

Prada Ankle Boots | Navy Suede | Size 38


Navy suede Prada ankle bootsItem/Brand: Prada ankle boots

Size: 38

Color: Navy blue

Wearing Suggestions: We can list three things that are noteworthy about these Prada ankle boots right off the bat. Number one- they’re NAVY! Do you realize how rare it is to find navy shoes of any type, let alone boots? Number two- they have a low heel, also difficult to find in designer shoes. We see a lot of designer consignment shoes, and the majority of them are high heels, the next biggest group is flats. A low heel is a rarity, my friend, and not one about which you should hesitate. Number three- They’re flipping gorgeous and in exquisite condition.

Women’s consignment is a fun business, we get treasures like this in every week, if not every day. We happen to be rather big shoe fans around hwga, and designer consignment shoes cause us much excitement when they are brought in to us. (We love designer handbags too, but that’s another post…)

What is it about the lines of these Prada ankle boots that makes them so appealing? The curve of the heel and the sweep of the arch, it’s just so…sexy. Consequently, we’d love to see these Prada ankle boots with a tuxedo pant for evening, or a pencil skirt or upscale joggers for daytime. We’re big fans of navy/charcoal combinations, or even navy/black. As an example, we recently took in an Eileen Fisher shift dress with a black bodice. and wide navy banded skirt. If you add tights, you’re set for work, but pack along a pair of sparkly earrings and you can walk directly from office to dinner date.

Materials: Suede, leather soles

Condition: Excellent, no visible wear on uppers, very light wear on soles.

Details: You may notice a small discoloration on the sole of the right shoe. This is not a flaw, or a worn spot, it’s simply the adhesive tag that was affixed to the sole to show the materials used in the construction of the shoe. You could easily remove it if you like. There is no box.

Location: Try these all-day-long comfortable Prada ankle boots at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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