Paul Green Shoes | Women’s Wingtips | Size 8

Paul Green shoes toe to heelPaul Green shoes toe to heel

Paul Green Shoes | Women’s Wingtips | Size 8


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Paul Green shoes toe to heelItem/Brand: Paul Green

Size: 38

Color: Taupe

Wearing Suggestions: First of all, this pair of Paul Green shoes is not green. They’re brown, or taupe, or mushroom. Regardless what you call the color, a pair of Paul Green shoes is just what every grown-up girl needs. An wingtip-style oxford is a great alternative to a pair of pumps and a good bit more secure.

Speaking as someone who has a narrow heel, it can be a challenge going up steps in pumps. This pair of Paul Green shoes has enough of a heel to serve you in a work setting as a pump alter ego. The lace-up vamp will keep them securely attached.

Unlike a patent or shined leather, the burnished suede finish gives these Paul Green shoes a homespun relaxed look. We recommend them with any pair of pants, especially tweed or textured fabrics. Furthermore, if you add a textured pair of tights, they’ll perform beautifully with skirts and dresses too. The same goes for fabric, keep it textured or patterned and not too preppy. If you’re feeling saucy, try them with a plaid fit-and-flare dress for a girl next door character. They’re like a grown up version of saddle shoes!

In addition, Paul Green shoes are all made in Europe, with the highest quality materials by a company founded in 1988. You won’t find spike heels or runway-only styles in their look-book. Paul Green shoes are made for the real world for confident women who want great style, character and quality.

Materials: Burnished suede leather uppers, man-made sole over leather.

Condition: Good, as shown in the detail photo, there is a small mark on the back of the right heel.

Details: Paul Green shoes are well-made by a German company which is well-know for its slippers, so you know they’ll be comfortable.

Location:Find your next favorite pair of comfortable everyday work shoes with these Paul Green shoes at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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