Maurizio Taiuti floral handbag frontMaurizio Taiuti floral handbag front

SOLD | Maurizio Taiuti Italian Floral Handbag | Glazed Leather


Maurizio Taiuti floral handbag frontItem/Brand: Maurizio Taiuti Italian Floral Handbag

Color: Tan leather trim with multi-color floral print glazed leather body

Wearing Suggestions: What better way to greet the Spring and Summer than with a lovely floral print bag? Better still that it’s by Italian designer Maurizio Taiuti.

We like to imagine this handbag on an Italian veranda or sun-washed sidewalk café. What will you be wearing? That’s easy-a loose white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up. And because you love the easy-breezy style of this bag, you’ll be wearing natural linen palazzo pants, perhaps with some eyelet detail. Topping it off, you’ll have a wide brim straw hat and oversize sunglasses. Or maybe that’s what we’d wear with it. Regardless, this Maurizio Taiuti handbag lends itself to an easy Summer style.

If you’re like us and need to work through your summer, this is also a fun bag for adding some color to your workday wardrobe. It would be equally at home with a simple colorful shift dress at work. However, we still recommend that you take your lunch outside and wear those oversize sunglasses!

Materials: Saddle leather handles and trim, glazed printed leather body

Condition: Excellent

Details: We do not know if this came with a dustbag, but we don’t have it to include. If you’d like a (non-matching) dustbag with this Maurizio Taiuti handbag, let us know and we can probably provide one that is suitable.

Location: Take your gelato to the Grotto once you’ve scored this fantastic Maurizio Taiuti floral handbag at our Broadway location, 2438 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232.

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