SOLD | Gucci Hobo Bag | Black Pebblegrain | La Cura Del Prodotto


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Gucci hobo bag la cura del prodotto on mannequinItem/Brand: Gucci Hobo bag La Cura Del Prodotto

Color: Black, brown bamboo trim on tassels

Wearing Suggestions: We love pebble grain leather for the simple reason that it’s so forgiving of our mistakes. We could all use a little bit more forgiveness. So, when a Gucci hobo bag in pebble grain leather presents itself, we can only say “Yes, please!” Pebble grain leather is much less prone to showing scratches or beauty marks that occur with use. This slouchy hobo bag is glossy black has reinforced lower corners and base for extra durability. Overlacing accents adorn the strap. Two fringed tassels hang from one side with a removable buckle strap. We like the look of them, quite honestly, but if you wanted to have a sleeker look or de-fuss the bag for travel you could take them off. To accentuate the gold hardware, there are brown bamboo tube beads at the top of the tassels.

Not every Gucci hobo bag is this roomy, which is another reason why we love it. In fact, there is yet another reason not well-documented by our photos-a longer shoulder strap allowing you to wear it as a short crossbody or shoulder bag with a bit more length.

Materials: Pebble grain leather, gold metal hardware

Condition: Very good, little to no signs of wear

Details: Comes with all the original authenticity materials and dust bag for storage. A top tab closure fastens securely with a bullet clasp.

Location: Put your pebble to the metal and get this gorgeous Gucci hobo La Dura del Prodotto handbag at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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