Frye Miranda Slouch women's consignment bootsFrye Miranda Slouch women's consignment boots

Frye | Miranda Slouch | Women’s Consignment Boots | Size 9


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Frye Miranda Slouch women's consignment bootsGreat merciful heavens, we love boots. You may call it a character flaw if you want, but that just leaves more boots for the rest of us. If every pair of women’s resale Frye boots that crossed our threshold was our size, we’d be in some serious trouble.  They don’t make boots tall enough for us to escape out of the deep trouble we’d be in. Lucky for you, this pair of Miranda Slouch boots is not our size. The distressed brown makes them look like you’ve had them for years, but they’ve had little wear, take a look at the sole close-up. The darkening on the toes, heels and belting is by design. You know the look, it’s all over the place this year! The soles have a convenient rubber inset which means you don’t even need to get them half-soled to get a grip!

These are a pull-on style, so harder to wear if you have a higher arch. But because they top out at mid-calf, not as hard to get on as a knee-high style. Frye boots have great longevity, which makes them another perfect candidate for buying from women’s consignment shops. If you’ve ever had a pair, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, what’s taken you so long? They’re awesome boots, as hardworking as they are good-looking. Size 9, is this your lucky day?