Façonnable women's designer resale glen plaid trouserFaçonnable women's designer resale glen plaid trouser

Façonnable Brown Glen Plaid Trouser Size 8


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Façonnable women's designer resale glen plaid trouserMenswear influence is hot this year, in both clothing and footwear. In our women’s resale shops, we’re seeing a lot of interest in the trend. Time to jump on that bandwagon, girlfriend! An added bonus-you’ll be a lot warmer in the winter with woolen trousers on, than a knee-length skirt. Even with boots. Just sayin’.

Façonnable is a purveyor of very high quality women’s classic clothing.  They’ve been around a lot longer than this season’s trend and really know their stuff. Façonnable is known for consummate construction quality and very high quality fabrics. If you want an example of the attention to quality, take special note of the side view photo and notice how the plaid matches up exactly on either side of the tuxedo band. Seriously, it’s craftmanship at its best. The fabric is a wool/cashmere blend making them super-soft and extremely warm. The great twist on this pair is the fun detail they’ve added with side tuxedo bands in contrasting colors! Way to mix it up! Glen plaids are a fun way to add some color to a suited-style outfit as they contain small threads in different colors shot through the plaid pattern. Finished at the bottom with a 1 1/2 inch cuff hem.

You can go full-tilt menswear look with a crisp button-down blouse and sweater vest, or head to a more feminine end of the spectrum with a soft silk blouse, ruffles and pearls. In any event, resale is the way to go for a classic style like this, as a beautifully crafted pair of pants like this can set you back hundreds of dollars. One of the benefits of shopping for consignment designer clothing is a great score like this. Well-cared for, these will last you nearly forever. They’re that timeless and that well-made. No joke.