Green Dries Van Noten shoes toe to toeGreen Dries Van Noten shoes toe to toe

Dries Van Noten Shoes | Green Black Ankle Straps | Size 39


Green Dries Van Noten shoes toe to toeItem/Brand: Dries Van Noten shoes

Size: 39

Color: Green pumps, black ankle straps with green leather closures

Wearing Suggestions: What a delicious temptation these apple green Dries Van Noten shoes are! It’s no secret that green is our favorite color at Here We Go Again, and yet that is only one feature we love about these Dries Van Noten shoes. Designer shoes rarely disappoint, and these are no exception. The shade is wonderful and has a hand-rubbed look to the finish. And, as if a wonderful green pump wasn’t enough, Dries Van Noten has pumped up these pumps with the addition of a soft black fabric ankle strap. It crisscrosses the ankle and fastens with a small metal knob through a decorative green leather leaf. Furthermore, there are two slots, making these Dries Van Noten shoes adjustable to your ankle.

These Dries Van Noten shoes feature an approximately 3 1/2″ heel, low enough for a work day shoe. We realize pumps can be tricky, but the addition of the ankle wrap strap (say that ten times fast!) makes these pumps much more secure. No worrying about walking out of the back while climbing stairs.

The ankle strap consists of a soft, but thick twill-woven cotton. It wraps around the front of the ankle and secures with a small metal knob at the outside which fits through a slot in the leather leaf on the strap. So, not only is it comfortable and functional, the closure is decorative as well!

Materials: Leather uppers and soles, fabric ankle straps

Condition: Very good, some wear to the sole as shown. These have been lightly worn outdoors.

Details: No shoe box.

Location: Let us tempt you with these apple green Dries Van Noten designer consignment shoes at our Broadway location, 2438 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232.

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