Cordani Shoes | Brown Suede | Size 38

Brown suede Cordani shoes toe to heelBrown suede Cordani shoes toe to heel

Cordani Shoes | Brown Suede | Size 38


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Brown suede Cordani shoes toe to heelItem/Brand: Cordani Shoes

Size: 38

Color: Brown suede

Wearing Suggestions: These sassy little Cordani sling backs are just begging for a little flippy skirt and tights. Their heel shape has a definite 1940’s vibe that just makes us want to break into the Lindy Hop. Except of course, that breaking into the Lindy Hop might break us. If you are a jitterbug queen, don’t let us stop you!

Regardless of dance skills, these Cordani round toe sling-backs may look high a high heel, but remember they have a platform sole, which makes the actual height of the heel a good inch shorter. (At the same time, they’ll make you an inch taller.)

May we suggest these Cordani shoes as a terrific choice for your work day? They’d work well with a slim or wide leg trouser, fantastic with an A-line or pencil skirt, and marvelous with a tailored dress and blazer. You could even take them in a 70’s direction with a fringed suede handbag (we can help with that too…) and wide leg pant and button down shirt. Make sure you wear at least 2-3 necklaces to complete the look.

These Cordani shoes pretty much had us at the platform. What probably pushed us over into enamored territory is the snakeskin trim. It just takes them to another level. (No that was not a platform joke. Unless you liked it, and then we’ll take credit.)

Materials:Suede upper, platform and heel wrap, snakeskin look straps and sling-back.

Condition: Excellent. As you can see from the soles, these Cordani sling-back shoes have had little actual wear and have most likely never seen rainy conditions. They do have a man-made sole material which will provide better traction than leather if you choose to venture out in the wet. However, if you do so desire, we strongly recommend that you have them treated with a waterproofing spray to prolong their beauty.

Details: The sling back strap on these Cordani consignment shoes is adjustable. The heel height is approximately 4″, but the platform sole is about 1″. As a result, we’d classify these as a mid, not a high heel.

Location: Be per-sueded by these adorable Cordani shoes at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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