Burberry trench coat frontBurberry trench coat front

Burberry Trench Coat | Cobalt Blue | Size 12


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Burberry trench coat frontBrand: Burberry

Size: US 12

Color: Cobalt Blue

Wearing Suggestions: Step one: Listen to the Leonard Cohen song “Famous Blue Raincoat“. Ready? Ok, this Burberry trench coat may be the kind of thing you’ll need if you want to have a famous song written about you. I’m just pointing out that it could happen. There are blue raincoats and then there are famous blue raincoats, and THEN, there are Burberry raincoats. (And we really miss Leonard Cohen, but that’s for another post.)

We’ve always admired the classic khaki Burberry trench coat, but if we’re being honest here, the khaki just never spoke to us. Nobody ever wrote a song about a famous khaki raincoat. You see what I’m saying here? It just doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way. If you want to rock a trench coat, why not make a statement? Designer consignment coats are a long-term investment. This raincoat will last and last. Burberry trenches are a classic look that never goes out of style, so they build them to last.

This double-breasted Burberry trench coat is full length, which means it will end at mid-calf on most people. If you are petite, it will likely be too long. Details include the traditional epaulets, the weather flap on the back, belt & buckles at the cuffs. This classic raincoat also has the traditional “Gun Flap” on the left shoulder. While many believe it was designed to help mitigate the kick of a rifle, in fact, it’s designed to help keep water out of the coat interior when buttoned over the top of the coat.

Materials: Outer raincoat and lining is 100% cotton, perfect for spring and summer wear. The inner button-out lining is a toasty 95% wool, with 5% camel hair for softness and warmth. You’ll be wrapped in its luxury, and ready for the elements.

Condition: Excellent, no signs of wear.

Details: The underside of the collar is in the classic Nova check pattern, as is the lining. We are NOT recommending that you go around flashing the lining.People will get the wrong idea. Keep it clean, people.

Location: Try this classic cobalt blue Burberry trenchcoat at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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