Burberry sneakers toe to heelBurberry sneakers toe to heel

SOLD | Burberry Sneakers | Black And Gold | Size 40


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Burberry sneakers toe to heelItem/Brand: Burberry sneakers

Size: 40

Color: Black, white and gold

Wearing Suggestions: These may be high-tops, but they are most definitely not your basic Chuck Taylors! These Burberry sneakers are for stylin’, not dribblin’. Whatever use you choose, have some fun!

Because they’re an upstyled version of a high-top, try them with an upscale jogger pant in satin or jersey. They’ll be just as at home with your boyfriend jeans, cuffed up, of course. Gold jewelry is de rigueur. You could totally dress them up with a gold track jacket, or faux leather pants. Downplay them with your leggings, torn denim or a short skirt.

These Burberry sneakers are meant to be worn with a nod and a wink. Why else would Burberry put gold grommets all over them? I know, right? So, while we don’t think they need to be worn ironically, we freely recommend that you wear them with a sense of humor. We even think it would be considerable fun to change out the laces to something colorful on occasion. Do you have any idea how many different ways there are to lace up a high top sneaker? Head down the rabbit hole, if you like. Do a search, you’ll be amazed. We were! So get creative with your lacing approach, or keep to the classic, either way these Burberry sneakers are the bomb! We show them here with the classic ladder lacing.

Materials: These Burberry sneakers have  leather uppers with metal grommet trim, rubber soles.

Condition: These Burberry sneakers are new with tags. Original dustbags are included, but there is no box. Original MSRP for these Burberry sneakers was $750.00, but they were purchased at a discount for $439.97. Save even more with our fantastic designer resale price of only $230.00.

Details: Great upscale high-top look in a designer shoe! Never worn.

Location: Stroll in and dance out with these basket-tastic Burberry sneakers – brand new! Get your rock star look on at our Broadway location, 2438 NE Broadway, Portland OR 97232.

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